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This was a recent bargain find in the UK supermarket chain Tesco. I came across it when perusing the world foods aisle in search of some black onion seeds. I'd coincidentally read a favorable review on some brand name rose water extract balm the previous day and thought for a pound, it was worth a punt.

Value wise it's excellent at £1 for 600ml. If you can find a better way of dispensing it than just pouring it from the hefty plastic bottle itself, it could well last you a year with daily shaving.

Ingredient list typing mustn't have cost much at the printers as it only contains 2 things; spring water and rosa damascena. You can't say that about many cosmetic products these days. In saying that, I did find it next to some tins of decidedly dodgy looking smoked herring so perhaps it's not being marketed as a beauty aid.

Performance is spot on from my experience. A thin covering over the shaved areas of a towel dry face gives a completely pain free toning experience. No contorted faces and loudly muttered expletives like when applying a cologne. It clears up weepers and minor nicks when dry which is usually after about 30 seconds of applying it.

The scent is perhaps a little sticky sweet and musty on first use, but it's fairly innocuous and certainly won't interfere with any cologne you may want to finish off with.

Overall it's a natural, cheap and readily available toner/astringent that leaves your skin feeling smooth, taught and healthy; perfectly followed by a dab of moisturiser or balm.

I wouldn't recommend sticking any of the other stuff down that particular aisle on your face, unless that is your partner likes a bloke who smells of pickled fish or curry paste!

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