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Rex Konsul first use opinion

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First shave with the Rex Konsul. Excellent shave and excellent razor.

Owning both the Konsul and the Ambassador, the Konsul certainly has noticeably less blade feel than the Ambassador. The Konsul is certainly going to be a worthwhile razor that I will love using alongside the Rex Ambassador, and I will not be parting with my Ambassador (still thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy using it a lot).

I found that I needed to go on to the higher numbers on the Konsul. I started off on 2 for first pass. Second I put it on 4. Third pass and touch up pass I maxed the Konsul out (roughly 6.5). When comparing it against the Rex Ambassador, I use that on 2, 3, 4.5.

Despite this high setting, the Konsul shaved buttery smooth and with not too much blade feel. On the subject of blade feel. I found very little under 4.

I eventually found the best setting (and I’ll try this on future shaves and with different blades, 4, 5, 6.5.

Very, very impressive razor and this was my first shave with a slant razor. I found that I could more easily (and more comfortably) get the straddlers, when comparing it to the Ambassador. My advice is, if you are wanting a Rex razor, but are a bit put off with the Ambassador’s forward feeling blade feel, then I would recommend going with the Konsul.

Couple of niggles I found with the Konsul:

1: Good as the handle grip is on the Konsul, I find the handle grip on the Ambassador to be noticeably more grippy. I can understand why Matt wanted to change the grip design on the Konsul, as he obviously wanted to differentiate it from the Ambassador. But given the choice I would choose the handle grip design on the Ambassador over the Konsul’s.

2: With the top cap on the Konsul having a slant and as such not been perfectly flat. I found blade loading to be a bit more fiddly than loading the blade in the Rex Ambassador, as the Rex Ambassador has a straight top cap. I found the best way to load the blade in the Konsul, was to place the blade on the top of the handle, and then lower the top cap down on to it, then hold the top cap in place with one hand and tighten with the other.

With all that being said, it’s a very impressive razor, and one that I will certainly enjoy using and I have absolutely no regrets with buying it.

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