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Daily review (from 04 to 18 March , 2017)

Brief evaluation of the first Racer Super Class Platinum Blade

1st Day of use (March 04,2017)

Today was the debut of these blades "Racer Super Class Platinum" and for now I can say that was a pleasant surprise and coincides with the reviews I had read on the net, compared to Astra SP at the cutting level they are very close but In comfort level the Racer blades are superior the Astra SP but this is still very premature because it was still only the first use and in continuation of uses we will see if this blade will confirm this first impression/sensation aswell as their durability.
But if the Racer continues like this and lasts until at least 4/5 uses with this installment or very close certainly it will be blades to bet, even the price is more or less the same of the Astra SP But for me being these softer and with this ability to cut at the time of buying more blades it will leave me in doubt between the two, but with the balance weight more to the side of the Racer.

2nd Day of use (March 05,2017)

In this second use continues as the initial surprise of the first shave and remains sharp and comfortable without noticing losses in the performances of this blade, tomorrow will be the third use to see how it behaves and if will give to do a 4th shave but if this blade continue like in this first two shaves and at this level of quality I believe that maybe will still give more but I'll keep going until I feel the wear of the blade on the shave.
3rd day of use (March 06,2017)

Third use of this Racer blade and continues to behave well, without big fusses it does work with a comfort equal to the two previous shaving and continues with a good cut, I think it will become a given and not an initial surprise of being novelty. These blades really are worth buying again when buying new blades, at least for now with the results found on this blade (we will see if the behavior is the same in others blades of the same box) it is a blade with which I get well with smooth shaving and With good cut without irritations or nicks.
Tomorrow to continue the tests without being always with Muhle R89 I will do what I never do and I will pass the blade to the Merkur 38C, usually I leave the blade always in the same razor until the end of its useful life and if I want to use another razor with a certain blade I put a new one, but I want to test the difference of behavior in a different razor and if it changes its behavior or not when being changed of razor, tomorrow the blade will be changed to the Merkur 38C and will be put to the test.

4th Day of use (March 07,2017)

Change of the blade done, the blade goes from the Muhle R89 to the Merkur 38C and let's start with the daily shave.
Here is the review of the 4th day of use of this blade "Racer Super Class Platinum" and even changing the blade to another Razor continues more of the same, good shave with the same smoothness of the previous shaves, its a comfortable shave and cuts the beard without pulling the skin or having to make more passes than the daily normal .
For now I am seeing this blade will reach a week of use or more, because it is already in the middle of the week of use and I do not notice losses due to the 4 shavings already made, everything remains the same in terms of smoothness and cutting capacity.
Tomorrow the Merkur 38C will be used again but as this blade has been behaving so well, I am thinking, after the three uses made with the merkur 38C (as was done with the Muhle R89) make another razor change and change the blade to the better known razor of the beginner (Wilkinson Classic) or to the opposite side, the shark's teeth (Muhle R41) even though I'm more inclined to Wilkinson's side because it will be funny to see how this blade behaves after 6 shaves in a row (3 in Muhle and 3 in Merkur) and next with one of the most protective as one of the most advised razors for beginners.

5th Day of use (March 08,2017)

5th day of use of this blade and second day of the Merkur 38C with the "Racer Super Class Platinum", continues reaching the surprise of longevity and performance that I thought this blade would not reach without losses in performance, its a comfortable shave with the same smoothness of the previous shaves, no cuts or pulling the skin and no more passes than the daily normal.
Summing up a good and comfortable shave.
From the initial surprise to now and if the remaining blades of the box are equal to this one I can say that, this blade like most blades made by Lord for me and my type of skin work really well, and surely this will be a blade that goes in Directly to my top blades and will be one of the most used from now on.
But the best of this is, I still have 99 more blades in the box to use.

6th Day of use (March 09,2017)

6th day of use of this blade and third day of the Merkur 38C with the "Racer Super Class Platinum"
what can I say again so I do not become repetitive ??
This was a shave similar to the previous 5 days.
Yes remains the same and I do not notice any loss of comfort.
Most of the same continues to cut well that looks like it was the first day I used it today.
When it will start to lose qualities?
Well by what I see and feel in my skin it seems to me, from this two it will be one, or it loses the quality of suddenly or it is still to last some time until appearing the referred loss of quality.
It was another day as we like a soft and comfortable shave and we want to continue to put foam on our face just to continue to shave with this blade that looks like it will not end so quickly.
Today I had thinking to change the blade for the Wilkinson Classic, but by forgetfulness I did not change it, when I remembered I was already in the middle of the daily shave, and since it was already started it goes like that to the end, and I finished it with the razor that I started "Merkur 38C " And being so, at the end and for no forgetfulness for tomorrow, the blade is already changed to the Wilkinson Classic razor, tomorrow will be the debut of Wilkinson with this blade that has been used 6 times (3 times in Muhle R89 and 3 in Merkur 38C) and with good results in both 6 previous shaves, we will see how will be tomorrow with the wilkinson.

7th Day of use (March 10,2017)

7th day of use of this blade, but this time it was used in the Wilkinson Classic Razor.
In this shave I have already noticed a difference in the post shaving comfort, but for me it seems the same discomfort that sometimes I feel when I use Wilkinson with certain Blades, but (there is always a but) it can also be the blade already showing the Beginning of its end ???? Something to be confirmed tomorrow, because due to the discomfort I felt in the post shave I think is better to use the razor I used in the beginning (Muhle R89), this blade was a surprise for me from the begining, on the most important points of the shaving the cut and the comfort, this blade can make make a good work when is assembly with the Muhle R89.
Well and now the shaving itself, it was a shaving with the blade showing the same good ability to cut, but in the comfort I feel some difference in some points of the face compared to the previous days, namely the mustache and curve of the chin, being the mustache the zone of discomfort in the post shaving , after the shaving I put the after shave and I had some discomfort in the mustache area for sometime, so I decided it would be better to put a balm to Help the recovery.
Tomorrow I will use Again this Racer blade to verify if it was from the blade or the Wilkinson what gave me this discomfort, I think this discomfort is from the Wilkinson and not from the blade that has come to an end, because with certain blades the Wilkinson sometimes gives me this result after doing ATG In the area of the mustache, the head of this razor with certain blades doesn't suit me very well for this.

8th day of use (March 11,2017)

8th day of use of the blade Racer Super Class Platinum, which returned to the razor of the beginning of this test, the Muhle R89.
In this shave I returned to the comfort and softness of the first 6 shavings with this blade, good cut and comfortable without nicks or cuts, it is proven for me and on my skin this blade in the Wilkinson Classic does not work as it should in the area of the mustache, where Yesterday left me with discomfort, today I did not feel any discomfort in the face and especially in the area of the mustache, where I thought I would be a little more sensitive than normal due to yesterday's situation, but today I did not feel any difficulty in Cut the beard across the face.
But this discomfort was not only with this blade that happened to me, there are several blades that do the same to me when they are placed in the Wilkinson, but when they are in another razor they work well.
Today was another shave of those we liked, nor when placing the After Shave in the post shave I felt any burning or discomfort, and the best of all, BBS all over the face.
Tomorrow will be more of the same, because in a team that wins you should not change anything, and I am thinking of using the same products with few or no changes at all, for I can check better if there is or Not some loss of cut or softness.
Tomorrow will be the 9th shave of this blade, and as this blade is approaching the number of maximum uses I have made with a blade, I am increasingly surprised by it.
The blade with more uses I had was a Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge, blade in which I managed to shave for 12 consecutive days with the same blade, but only once has reached that mark because it is usually close to 5/6 or less.

9th day of use (March 12,2017)

9th day of shaving with Racer Super Class Platinum and continues the path of good results.
By Every day that passes more certainty I have, this blade with the Muhle R89 for me and for my skin type, they give themselves very good and this will be a blade to always have in my stock, with this I don't mean I will pass only use this blade exclusively, but I will use it often because above of all, I want a good shave but with the greatest comfort possible and this blade for me meets these requirements on a high top of the scale with the addition of being a Blade that also has a good durability, at least in this one, is a blade with an above average durability, with 3 more shaves and is equal to the one I most used and from where I managed to reach 12 shaves in a row.
In this shave, it was again a good shaving with a good cut as well as the level of comfort, continues its path of comfortable shaving, and the difference for the 7th day of use in which it was used with Wilkinson (10/03/2017) was today Even more noticeable, today there wasn't razor burns, nicks or any discomfort after the shaving, and the aftershave did not give me any Burning in the face, I felt a feeling of comfort and softness in the skin after the BBS achieved with this shave (the 9th of this blade ).
Nothing new in this shave to add, the cut of the blade, the comfort, everything continues the same, tomorrow due to the good performance of this blade I will use it again in the Muhle R89, but I will change the other products, because I like to change to not fall into the monotony, by changing the products or use new products is always a pleasure in which we have new sensations, new smells, new quality, etc.
Tomorrow I will change the products also because I already managed to verify what I wanted:
The discomfort felt in the post-shave of the 7th day was due to Wilkinson, Blade or any of the products used? ?
Well, By using 3 days in a row the same products without changes, I have my answer, the only thing I changed was the Wilkinson ( in the 8th and 9th shavings with this Racer blade I just changed the Wilkinson Classic by the Muhle R89) and as I didn't feel any discomfort or any other difference during or after the shaving, here is the answer that I'm looking for, the discomfort I felt after the Shaving in the 7th day was due to use the Wilkinson Classic Razor.

10th day of use (March 13,2017)

10th day of this blade, and one day more of a comfortable shave without cuts, nicks or irritations.
This blade continues to surprise me positively, continues with a good cut, comfortable and in the *** shaving without any irritation.
Today was used a balm and a lotion that are also almost a novelty.
The aftershaves used were Bonté balm and Bonté lotion, used today for the 2nd time but also with positive results, due to the price they cost + -2.5 € each one, they are cheap, their scent is also a pleasant and mild lemony/marine scent (*), at the end left me with soft and well-treated skin.
For all of this, for me I consider this after-shaves as a good buy in the cost/benefit ratio.
Tomorrow will be the 11th day in a row that I use this blade that has surprised me so much.

11th day of use (March 14,2017)

11th day of the Racer Super Class Platinum, and was a comfortable shave without cuts, nicks or irritations one more time.
Once again, only with a passage and a few finishing touches I managed to get a good BBS in this shave, this blade for me really works very well.
But as with all the blades this good cut and smoothness may also be different for another person, for me it has worked very well and in this crusade of followed shaving that I have done has almost always worked well, It is almost always due to the seventh day that I used this blade with the Wilkinson, and in this shave (the 7th) this set did not work as well as it should, but when it was changed again to the Muhle R89 it returned to the normal of the comfortable shaves that gave me Previously, in the set with the Muhle R89 or with the Merkur 38C were always good shaves with comfort without cuts or niks and in the end without any irritation.
Summarizing this blade in a set with Muhle or Merkur for me and my skin type works well, my skin type is sensitive with tendency to have very little oiliness but it is not a dry skin, I do not know if this blade For those who have dry skin it will work the same way it works with me.
Tomorrow will be the 12th day in a row, New record in sight and will be to the Racer, to stay with the new Record next Thursday, the Racer have to work well until then.

12th Day of use (March 15,2017)

Today was the 12th day in a row that I used this Racer blade.
Today was a shave that I has already began to notice some difference in comfort level, although it has not become uncomfortable to the point of having to stop using it, I can already notice a little difference in the comfort that had been praised so far, But it was already expected to be so, because with 12 shavings in a row it equaled the Gillette 7 O'clock sharpEdge, and that was a surprise for me, I did not think that would happen, much less that it would surpass it tomorrow, And it will be a new record for me and will be attached to this blade, after that the goal is to reach the 15 days of shaving in a row followed with this blade, If the cut and the comfort does not suddenly drop, from what it has presently, I have the goal of 15 days in a row and not more, so when It get there in 3 days, the blade will be thrown away regardless of the state (this is, if I do not change my mind until there
;) ) , because I'm already more than Satisfied with this Racer blade since the first day I used it.
13th Day of use (March 16,2017)

13th shaving with this blade and although it decayed yesterday a bit it continued to be a comfortable shave and with good cut as heretofore.

14th Day of use (March 17,2017)

14th day and still the same, tomorrow will be the last day that I will use it although I think I could give more uses
15th Day of use (March 18,2017)

15th day of use of this blade that surprised me so much, and although it would still work for more days, will be thrown away tomorrow and a new one will be used, a different blade will be used tomorrow just because I like to change the setup of the daily shave and not because the Racer Super Class Platinum has come to the end.


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