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Pegasus III

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Here's the description from Imperial Shave's site:
Product Description
These strops are of the finest quality, the hanger is cast in our own foundry from solid brass and nickel plated, then buffed to a lustrous finish. The strop is a full 3"wide x 30" long. No-one else offers this size. This width allows you to use straight strokes with no need for the X pattern stroke, although you can if you prefer; and the longer length will allow you to take fewer laps. This is a definite plus in your daily maintenance routine.

A complimentary ring and boat snap swivel is included free of charge.
Each strop consists of 2 pieces and several configurations are available.

This offering is: Horse Hide & Codovan Horse Hide.Imperial No.1 & Imperial No.2
These strops are tanned specially for us by Horween to the same formulation as were the strops in 1900.
These strops far exceed any other on the market bar none and will enhance any fine razors edge.

All PEGASUS strops are truly a work of art and fine craftsmanship.

Every part of these strops is made by hand, in America by American's.

I opted to get the Pegasus III, because I wanted two leather sides and no linen. I use my Neil Miller or Torolf for linen (subject to a different discussion and review)

Horsehide (light beige)- This side is a bit "harder/firmer" leather and razor glides over very easily with very little draw. Feedback is excellent for those who prefer little draw. I have tried this side to maintain edges on razors before and after a shave and do see a noticeable difference when used with this leather. Beautifully sharp and reasonably smooth.

Cordovan (dark tan) - YMMV and not for beginners (imho). This side is quite a bit "softer" leather compared to the horsehide. I really like finishing my edges on this after the Horsehide. The draw is significant (rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being maximal draw, I think this would score a 9 or 9.5). In using this leather, I noticed that my edges were smoother compared to just the Horsehide alone. The Cordovan seems to suck the steel onto the surface like a magnet. One needs to apply pressure horizontally to get the razor to move across the surface. If done properly, it rewards the user with a magnificent edge. I personally really like draw in a strop.

Together, the two leathers are a magnificent daily addition to any straight razor users arsenal. Although I use (almost) equivalent laps on both leathers, I believe that 10 laps on the Cordovan should be more than sufficient for achieving maximal effect.

I gave this a 10 because the 2 sides provide very different speeds, which I really like. The Horsehide side speed is faster than the Cordovan (obviously). The draw on the latter prevents "high speed" stropping to be done effectively. But I wouldn't recommend that anyways.

I have not tested this strop for a long time yet, but in the couple of months that I've had this (daily use), I have not seen any problems as far as deterioration, discoloration, creasing, or any noticeable change to occur with this strop. I am willing to bet top dollar that this strop will last a very very long time (of course, with the caveat that it be not subject to abuse and mistreatment)

Length: 30"
Width: 3"
Thickness (horsehide): 2mm
Thickness (Cordovan): 3mm

Thickness is perfect as is width...Length is a subject for debate. My initial impression was that it may be a bit long but I have gotten accustomed to it and it doesn't bother me at all. This thing is a lot of leather for the price gentlemen...30" of it!!!

The only reason I took off a few point from this category is because, unlike the Horsehide side where the logo/emblem is embossed and etched in the leather, the Cordovan side is just printed onto the surface...This may cause it to come off over time (not sure). I am sure there is a reason behind this I am not aware of, but I did email Jim about this and suggested the change. This, in no way, will impact the performance of the strop is it top notch.

If you're looking for a travel strop, forget about this one. it won't serve you well in that category, but if you want to pack it in the luggage or ship it somewhere, it will roll up easily enough, but not too compact. the reason is the thickness. Both sides of this strop are nice and meaty. Having said that, I do not think this is meant to be carried, it is meant to be hanged and enjoyed.

At $129 or so, you can't beat this. It is a LOT of 1st class quality leather. I am surprised that it doesn't command a higher price point. I would figure something like this to go for $200-$240 or thereabouts.

Recommendations (to Jim at Imperal Shave):
Following Options would be nice for broader market

Make similar strops of 2" or 2.5" in width for those who do not like wide strops
Have the option of providing shorter strops for those who may shy away from long strops...more portable too

This is a BIG strop, imo...Perfect in every way. If you like speed and not draw, go with the Pegasus II strop (Horsehide + Horsehide suede). If you like draw and not speed, go with Pegasus V (Cordovan + Cordovan suede). If you're like me and like a combination of both, get the Pegasus III. You will not be disappointed.

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Pros: Quality, Craftsmanship, Design, cost, value
Cons: Not many - See description for details
This is an excellent strop...a must in every straight users arsenal :thumbup:
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