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Pearl DE TTO Safety Razor(SBF-11) & Syn. Shaving Brush (SMB-501 SY)

Pearl DE TTO Safety Razor(SBF-11) & Syn. Shaving Brush (SMB-501 SY)

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Last week bought this whole set of safety razor, brush, bowl and stand.
Beautiful butterfly TTO DE, made of brass, with premium chrome finish.
Heavy, hefty, niche built. 4 inch long handle with good knurling provided so you wont drop it.
Category: Mild.
Performed smoothly with gillete 7'o clock black.
Gave very close shave in my first pass only.

Coming to the brush:-
One of the most gorgeous looking brushes out there, premium chrome finish, soft Nylon bristles, thick, really heavy when compared to the omega's, synthetic but whips up lathers very well, be it from puck or directly on face. Tried it with Godrej lime and Trigodon shave soap.
2-3 bristles came out, but thats normal for a new synthetic. Overall great VFM.

The stand is also from Pearl, looks good, but a bit difficult to hang the brush in it, but again good product at a cheap price.

Also attaching a beautiful pot/bowl for dipping brush, bought from a local crockery shop.

These classy products altogether have added so much luxury to my shelf.

Good Job, Pearl Shaving Company, undoubtedly the best manufacturers of shaving products in India.

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