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Trigodon White Dunes- Shaving Soap (INDIA)

Handmade artisan Shaving Soap in an Ornate Box

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There aren't many options available when it comes to shaving soap in India.
We all know there is our evergreen dirt cheap workhorse Godrej Shaving round, but its a mix bag, some don't like the dry post shave feel of it, where as some don't like its Grandpa smell. So normally India relies on their shaving creams from Godrej, Old Spice, Vicco and what not.
But if you are a true wet shaver, you always love a good quality shaving soap, as you prefer making lather in your favorite shaving bowl. After all, wet shaving is meditation for us.
Coming to the point, there was a huge void and wait when it comes to shaving soap here, well the wait is over, though there is a huge jump from 30 cents of godrej round to 10 dollars of this.
Trigodon has made 4 variants, and this one is the White Dunes, the catch line is this soap gives you a feeling of standing in a desert of white sand. Well i cant tell you about that, but it smells like a mild fresh fabric softener, very much on the aquatic fresh notes side. Primarily made of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Glycerine. Notes of cranberry, lemon, orange and jasmine.
The USP of this soap for me is the beautiful ornate box it comes in, looks fantastic on my shelf, also it can be a permanent container for my future soaps.
The performance, it produces ample amount of lather, very soft, gave a very close shave in my first pass with 7'o clock black blade and pearl tto razor.
The post shave feel is fantastic, didn't dry out my face at all, left a mild fresh scent, didn't felt the need of using an aftershave, but i cant resist my Clubman Virgin Island Bay rum.
Overall, will buy all the variants of Trigodon Shaving Soaps and also this one again.
Also all these are purely vegan, natural, no tallow or anything else.
Comes with a thankful note from owner too.
Great work, Trigodon, keep them coming forever, cheers.
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