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Na-PCA Non-Oily With Aloe Vera

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This is my first review so I apologize if it's not in the correct format. I just had to post this as I've searched this site and haven't yet seen anyone mention this product. It's advertised as an aloe spray but on the directions they mention a few different uses (one of which is a pre-shave and an aftershave).
I think it works extremely well as an aftershave. It calms your skin down and immediately reduces any redness/irritation. I have very sensitive skin so being unscented is ideal for me. You basically just spray (about 2 sprays) into your hands and then rub into your face. It feels very soothing (no tingling as there is no alcohol or menthol/etc). After researching the product, it actually helps your skin retain moisture. I've noticed my skin looks better than ever after using this (and it's only about $8 for 8 oz.).
I have my wife using this as well and she loves it and bought about 5 the other day and gave some to her friends and my mom. Hope this helps those looking for a good, light, aftershave for sensitive skin. :)

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Pros: Unscented, inexpensive, light, effective, convenient, many uses
Cons: None so far
Note - on the moisturinzing...it isn't creamy at all and in fact is almost like water. However, it contains Na-PCA which is the natural moisturizing factor in human skin (it helps your skin retain water). Therefore, I rated it high on the moisturizing factor (keep in mind it dries fairly quickly but doesn't dry out your skin at all - in fact, does the opposite).
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No Alcohol Burn
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