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Lucky Tiger Molle

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Good stuff, Maynard!

Keeps my face from getting beat up, even when I'm in a hurry.

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If you really want a nice quick shave... you can't beat this stuff, and i have tried everything you can imagine.

doesn't dry up, smooth, great shave, great protection... huge tub.

I love it, so I say go for it anyone.

don't use a brush.:drool:
I can get a 16 oz. tub for $7.99 locally. It lasts me about three months.

It feels a bit strange at first, due to a slight tingle on the skin. The consistency is waxy at first. I stir it a little in the tub to loosen it up and give it a lighter, whipped feel and it is much easier to work with.

The scent is very light and medicinal. Not great, not terrible, and it fades quickly so as not to interfere with any scents you may add later.

What this product lacks in perceived luxury, it makes up for in results. It is very moisturizing and performs very well with lots of water. Since it's brushless, you can reapply with your hand as you go, getting instant feedback on your progress. This allows you to touch up as you go.

This cream shines with its moisturizing capability. In this dry winter weather, my face still feels great, even after a so-so shave. Some may even be able to forego the after shave balm if they use this.

Get some Molle now and give it a fair chance. You won't regret it.
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I'm sorry to have to be in a position to resurrect this thread, but I added Lucky Tiger Molle as a "what the heck" item on a recent large order. I've got several of the other LT products (the wonderful bergemot-scented ones that were bought and repackaged by Nordstrom). I know the Molle is the "other" LT line but wanted to try it anyway.

I'm not sure what I'd expected, but on opening the large tub I was greeted by something that looked like Crisco and smelled very unpleasant. When I scooped some of the Molle out, it crumbled and came out in chunks, but quickly turned to a thin lather on my face. I tried and tried to get a better lather, but it gummed up in my two day growth.

Ah well, I thought, here goes nothing. With a fresh Swede in my HD, I went for it. A bit of tugging, and a definite drag discerned. Splashed more water on my face but got the same results. Here comes a big mistake: I scooped a huge chunk into my mug and tried to whip up a lather. OK, I get it; this stuff is brushless and refuses to whip.

So... Rewet my face until it was dripping, tried a smaller amount of Molle, and was rewarded by a very thin lather. This time, I was able to get thru the thicket on my face with a minimum of pain. Hmmmm... Relathered for pass #2, and all was well. By the time I'd done my third, ATG pass, I didn't have any problems.

The end result was a fairly decent shave, with no more and no less moisturizing qualities than anything else. No nicks, no weepers, and no irritation. I only paid $6 for a rather large tub so it's a pretty good deal. Overall, though, I HATE the smell (worse than Noxema) and prefer a thick lather rather than the typical thin brushless lathers. Yes, I got a pretty decent shave, but the Molle is going in my cabinet of shame anyway.

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