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Lilac after shave lotion

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Barber shop classic

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Pros: Quality product for cheap (400ml/$11)
Cons: Should be easier to get even in Canada
This is a near perfect Aftershave. Booster is a quality product that is not sold on many shelves unfortunately. They can easily be found online in Canada or the US which is great.

How good is still stuff? Booster AS pretty much works the same regardless of the Booster AS(YMMV). The scent would be the trigger for a potential Booster client.

The Lilac aftershave smells like lilacs. The scent is very close to the lilac tree that was in my parent's backyard. Compared to Lilac Vegetal, well, it's 2 complete different scents. I found the Booster to be like the lilac flower where LV is more of a "greenish" type of scent.

Booster works well for the skin, it doesn't really dry my skin or leave it greasy. It's just right. I think that 400ml for $11 is a steal. I find it a bummer that local shops that stock it are rare.

Other minus side is the plastic bottle. However, to maintain a cheap price, they have to cut somewhere. I use an Avon decanter anyways for my AS.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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