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Kyoku for Men Sake Infused Shave Cream

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Premium, silky shave formulas loaded with Japanese Sake provide an uber-lubricating, refreshingly rich shaving experience. Friction-free silicone micro particles coat the skin to ensure consistent razor glide, while ancient Sake softens and intensely moisturizes the skin. Dual-phase, cellular anti-inflammatory complex works to battle inflammation at both the surface and cellular levels, leading to long term changes in the skin's response to typical shaving woes like bumps, redness and irritation. Perfect for use with or without a brush, both shaving creams really are out of this world.

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Pros: Nice smooth shave, cooling effect
Cons: Stings
Price: Got it at Winners (TJX chain), reasonable at 13 bucks, not so much at 30. Quality: Seems like a very nice cream, nice texture. Scent: Menthol and Sake. Not really my taste. YMMV Latherability: Absolutely none, best to use fingers. Efficacy: Damn fine shave, nice and smooth and irritation free. Moisturizing Properties: Not too oily, not too dry (Goldilocks would like it). Packaging: Nice quality screw top jar. My personal experience: I followed the directions, applied to my face and waited 2 minutes. Cooling sensation at first, nice. Then followed by a nasty stinging sensation, painful but did not leave any irritation after (my skin is a tad sensitive). First pass (Ikon OSS & Feather yellow), nice glide but still stings. Second & third pass washed off then used my AoS unscented which I always keep close by, skin still stings but very smooth and no visible irritation. 3 hours later face still stings. This cream may work well for some of you, but it is not for me. you will get a smooth shave with this stuff. Not a cream for me, recommend for tougher faces
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