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Named after one of the largest sandlewood producers in Western Australia. This vegetable-based soap has the soft, sensual, strong woodsy base note that men, and women, adore.

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Pros: cheap, pleasant aroma
Cons: finnicky with water, aroma quite weak
I was fortunate enough to buy some of this at the NYS Fair in Syracuse from the owner who was doing a soap making demonstration. She's a small operation out of Penn Yan and started making soap as a hobby.

The softer soap comes in an 8oz container and is two different colors; brown and white. It's the same sort of container you get from Soapy Bathman and a number of other soap makers, clear on the bottom with a black top. It has a small white label on top and a description on the side. No ingredient list however. She did say it had tallow in it, but it is not tallow-based.

What really struck me about the soap initially is that it offends nobody. My mother, who normally HATES anything scented because it makes her throat swell up could sit two feet away from the stuff without so much as a grimace. It is a sweeter sandalwood than I have ever experienced, and is quite pleasant. My only problem with this is that the scent is quite weak, perhaps requiring some more scent added to the process.

Enough about the smell, what does it perform like? The performance is pretty darned good. I got a BBS shave and my skin felt great, but I had a devil of a time getting the stuff to lather. Not enough water and it turns into a sticky paste, too much water and it fizzles and dissipates. I may have hit the goldilocks zone by sheer luck after 1 or two attempts, eventually using my VERY stiff Semogue boar. Start with an almost completely dry brush and VERY SLOWLY add water.

For the price, this is a decent soap. Performs well if you can make it lather, but is a little finicky for my liking.

But hey, gotta support the little guy right?
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