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Herbaria Shave Soap

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The people at Herbaria Soaps have some of the most intriguing scented bath soap combinations you'll ever want to find. If only they had similar soaps in shaving pucks!

Well now they do with the introduction of their first three scents: The combination scents that they can create are heady to say the least. Take a look at their website. www.herbariasoap.com

Scent - Like all Herbaria soaps the scents are intoxicating. They use only essential oils. They are not always as strong as I would like but the pop from the soap or in this case, the puck is terrific.
They currently have three scents - Lime/Coconut Oil, Bay Rum/Jojoba Oil & Mint/ Hemp Seed Oil.

Packaging - this all natural shaving puck is appropriately wrapped in an "old time" wedged & tapered brown paper wrap with a colorful and large label of the scent and the ingredients, of which they are very proud. (Olive oil, rice bran oil, soy oil, palm kernel and castor oil)

Price - $7.50 - Priced right in the belly of value soaps with outstanding performance.

Efficacy - very slick and moist-the razor has no problem gliding over tough to get to places.

Moisturizing - I'm not an alchemist, but my skin felt smooth after the shave.

Latherability - very creamy and quick to lather. I did notice that the lather tended to dry a bit on the face, which surprised me and leads me to believe that I need to rework the water ratio.

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I LOVE this soap!!! I use a few drops of pre-shave oil, and this soap has given me the best shaves, by far, of any soap or cream I have ever tried. A few comments about my ratings that are less than 10:

1. Lather: I don't find that this soap lathers quite as well as the average shaving soap. However, I find it shaves better than ANY other soap. If you want the best lather of your life, try a wool fat soap. If you want the best shave of your life, go with Herbaria.

2. Moisturizing: I find this soap to be neutral. It leaves my face feeling nice, neither dry nor moisturized. An aftershave balm takes care of things nicely.

In short, this is the BEST soap or cream I have ever tried. And it's all-natural, vegan, minimally packaged, and produced by a small company. As far as I'm concerned, this is the ultimate in wet shaving.

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