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Evil Eye Lime Aftershave Lotion

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Lime-scented aftershave spray-on lotion, produced by ItalianBarber.com's RazoRock line.

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Pros: Light, well-scented, no burn, great for sensitive skin
Cons: Somewhat-small unit of issue
I have a confession to make. I have never understood the fascination with "the burn" with respect to aftershaves. It just strikes me as a poor indicator of quality. If an aftershave is designed to protect and preserve your skin's positive traits, why does alcohol burn seem like a good thing? When I feel a burning sensation somewhere on my body, I see a doctor. I do not high-five on the drop zone.

Enter RazoRock Evil Eye Lime. I got this, along with its wax-based version. It comes in a spray format, which seems counterintuitive, but makes for better application options.

OK, let's talk about alcohol. It's got alcohol in it, but the quality of the ingredients (orange blossom water, witch hazel water, grain alcohol, menthol, aloe vera are the top five ingredients) blend to make this product occupy a wonderful niche in between an alcohol-based splash and a full-on lotion/balm. If you're into "the burn", you won't be happy. There's plenty of stuff out there for you, so you'll be alright. If you want to protect/treat your skin either after a great shave (or one in which you were a tad too ambitious) without the greasy, heavy feel of a balm or heavy lotion, this is perfect.

I've used this at about 0445 in the morning in both Fall and early-Winter conditions. It's done a great job of both protecting my skin and helping ease bad shaving choices brought on the early hour or bad technique.

The scent stays with you just long enough to get your through the morning, without being overpowering or "that cologne guy" where you work. The lime scent is natural, and nothing like some of the candy-like scents out there.

The bottle's just an ounce or two on the small side, but the quality overcompensates for it. If you're looking for North American production, it's one of Canada's best exports, hands-down.

So, if you want that sweet spot between balm and splash, gentle and supportive for your skin, and aren't interested in "the burn", this is for you. Get after it!
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