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I purchased these blades at a CVS pharmacy. They were inexpensive for a pack of 10 stainless steel blades, so I thought I'd give them a whirl. What I found left me quite disappointed. To begin with, when I opened the package and removed the first blade, I found rust on the surface and along the edge. The next two blades were also rusted, though not as much. It wasn't until the fourth blade that I found no rust. I loaded it into my TTO razor and lathered up for a basic shave test. Sharpness was nearly absent. I had to make repeated passes over my average beard stubble to get even the remote semblance of a passable shave. Longevity is roughly non-existent with CVS DE blades. One or two shaves renders these blades unusable. The only acceptable facet of this blade purchase was the blade dispenser, featuring a blade safe on the back of the dispenser to dispose of used blades. In short, pharmacy-brand razors seem to pander to price rather than quality. Save your money and spend a little extra coin on quality name-brand DE blades.

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You guys are all Heroes for having the guts to try these and spare the rest of us :thumbup:
The worst blade ever! These blades shredded up my face badly. If there was DE shaving hell.....these would be the blades used to torture the souls there!

You' be better served shaving your face with a shard of glass than these.............they score zero on all counts.
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The same blades are sold at the Kroger store nearest here under their label, for $2.39 a 10-pack. They are stainless steel, but have neither platinum treatment of the edge for longevity, nor "Comfort Coating."

Variations of this blade come with or without two features:

1. Platinum edge treatment for longevity.
2. "Comfort Coating." (A registered trademark of ASR, as it says on the packaging of blades that have it.)

Wal-Mart Personnas -- Platinum, no coating
Walgreens -- Comfort coating, no platinum
Meijer up to late last year -- Platinum and coating, now no coating.
Kroger and CVS -- neither.

Usable for me only in dire emergencies, which I don't foresee for the next 5-6 years with the stash I have.

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