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Bevel DE Razor

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Bevel DE Razor - 2014-2015 edition

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Pros: Curved top plate - great for underside of chin
Cons: Long handle possible con for some
UPDATE: I received the feather razors, and promised to provide an update on how they paired with the Bevel Razor: I've shaved twice with the Bevel/Feather combo, and yep I nicked myself a good few times on both goes, and I have to say what I suspected turned out to be true - the Feathers bump up the aggressiveness of the razor a couple of notches, so that it's a closer shave but with more room for error (as my nicked and very moderately-bloodied face can attest to).

Now back to the original review with the Bevel own-brand razors:

SUMMARY: Albeit this razor is marketed as a razor for those with coarse, curly hair, this is a good quality and stylish mild DE razor for all hair types, and one that's especially good for those new to the DE game.

- handle length: 4inches; 10.16cm (on the longer side of conventional DE razors). Nicely weighted; research tells me that the handle is chrome-plated brass.

- top cutting head and base cutting head are purportedly (again from looking stuff up on the internet): zinc

- love the curve of the top plate: allows for nice placement under the chin especially.

- I'm a personal fan of the longer handle, but to each their own.

- I've read that the weighting of the entire razor is a little unorthodox - perhaps because of the longer handle - but I find the weighting adequate such that you can definitely let the weight do the work.

- the top and bottom plate holds the blade securely, but not as secure as the Feather AS-D2 say, as there's no corner guards within the top plate to give it that extra hold. Saying that, I have had no problems with the blade staying where it's supposed to.

- comes with Bevel's own razor blades (you get more supplies via a subscription system, although I personally haven't signed up to this) - the blades do the job for 3 shaves and then require replacement. (The nicely-written mini-booklet that comes in the packaging tells you to replace the blade after every other shave).

NOTE: I'm going to try a Feather blade with this razor and update my review accordingly, as I feel a combo of this mild razor with a sharp blade may be all the more effective.
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