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Picked this up as an emergency measure while my Shavemac is away being re-knotted. The good Smells alright once the chemical smell dissipates. Left my skin feeling fairly moisturized. Saves time over having to make your own lather. The bad Chemical smell when first dispensed. Feels 'dry' on the face You really need to push the razor through this stuff (way too thick) Expensive in the long run (one can only lasted me 10 days) No fun. Environmentally disastrous. (I...
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There is a place where men can still be men, and that place is called Mandom. Feared, loved, revered and reviled, much like its frontman Charles Bronson this aftershave is anything but bashful. Like Tabac it divides men...families...armies...and indeed nations. It has been referred to with such far-ranging epithets as "pure unalloyed essence of awesomeness" and "urinal pucks and bugspray". Though I myself lean in favour of the former description, I also understand and accept the latter...
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I'm starting to wonder if Portugal makes a bad shaving product. Always on the hunt for the unusual I picked this little oddity up from vintagescent and I must say, I'm impressed. Price Picked this up for just under 6 euros which is pretty darn reasonable for a good-sized tube. Quality From the packaging to the scent to the performance this is top-notch stuff. Scent A rather subdued but fresh marine cologne scent. I can't quite place it but it does smell a bit department...
Looks and smells like a 70s Porsche. I am partial to this stuff because my own barber uses it and it is therefore, for me, the quintessential barbershop scent. This stuff is fairly inexpensive and does its job well. Smells 'fresh' in an old school way, perhaps menthol or pine? Burns like a mother for about 5 seconds and then it's all blue-green coolness from then on in. Soothes my razor burn but, as with many alcohol-based splashes, I wouldn't call this 'moisturizing'. I use it in...
This stuff does it's job without bragging about it. Apart from a slight menthol scent when first applied this stuff is unscented. It cools but nothing crazy like Proraso. It is also quite moisturizing and doesn't burn much at all when applied although it is an alcohol-based splash. A good choice for those wanting to wear a cologne after shaving and want an aftershave that doesn't interfere. Priced right too - about $10 (if you can find it).
These mysterious little devils had been eyeing me up in supermarkets for years so I decided the time was ripe to drop the 124 yen (About $1.20) for a 5-pack and see what these diminutive razors could do. The first thing I noticed was that the package was incredibly light (like helium light) though the entire razor is in fact some kind of sheet metal. The razors are also quite small, the handle being all of 5 cm. There is one single-edged blade set in a rather large metal and plastic...
Just a great cologne. Perhaps a bit perfumey when first sprayed on it quickly settles down to something woody and spicy with a bit of citrus in there somewhere. I often get compliments on this cologne and the scent seems to last all day without being overpowering (though the scent does evolve over time). It is also reasonably priced and widely-available. The bottle however is unnecessarily large and heavy with a giant plastic top that really doesn't have to be there. Overall a...
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