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This product was a Norwegian import in the 60's/70's that has been re-launched by a Florida-based company (LINK). I am not sure what retailers carry this but it is very prevalent on Ebay. I picked up a 3.3 oz. bottle for around $25 with free shipping. I bought this because I am an alcohol-based splash junkie and I like to explore current as well as vintage offerings. Since this has been re-launched it is a bit of both! The ingredient list on the current offering is very different from...
Well it appears that this is the first 2009 LE Review. Sure I jumped the gun by not posting pictures but I'll get them in soon. For the over two weeks I've been using the 2009 LE and throwing the 2008 LE in for comparison. This is a great brush and I thank the folks that took time time to offer this to the membership - in two colors! I really respect the decision to go with such a bold shape and color. B&B probably could have sold more brushes if the design was more conventional, making...
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Up until recently I simply rolled up my shaving brush in a washcloth and dropped it into my dopp kit when travelling. I know, that is pretty lame. There are a ton of posts on B&B by do-it-yourselfers about getting a large pill container from your local drug store (by asking for a freebie) and drilling holes in it to use as a travel tube for your brush. There are a bunch of other inventive ideas folks have shared for travel brush containers. I scoured my house for suitable & inventive...
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What - no reviews of the Bulldog yet? Note: I didn't take a picture of the razor I used. Here is a link to a good example. Credits to brumble for this B&B post and picture: I had the pleasure of using a Gillette Bulldog that was sent to me by a B&B member to borrow. I have used a lot of different razors (Merkur 38C, Vision, New Standard, Tuckaway, SS Red tip, 40's SS, 50's SS flaretip, Tech, NEW, British NEW, Rocket HD...
Bay Rum with a Twist is one of my favorite scents of all time. Saint Charles shave has made this scent available in shave stick format. This product exceeded all of my expectations and I cannot praise the SCS shave stick format enough. It's a must try and the price makes it very easy to do so. The scent is the Bay Rum with a Twist you have come to know and love. It is identical to the EDT and the cream (which was available as a limited B&B group buy a few years ago). I chatted with...
Here is an image of QED Violetta from the Score post announcing its arrival. 102 Tubs were produced for this special B&B group buy. Comments on this product: This soap shaves very well, in line with the other QED soaps I've tried. I didn't have any reactions to Violetta. Some report reactions to various QED scents due to the very generous additions of essential or fragrance oils (Violetta is FO based). I droped the Quality rating a bit as there was some significant variation in...
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