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You can pick up Gem Micromatics for a nice price - often with a case. They also seem to weather pretty well, so a 1960 razor will look like it was made no more than 10 years ago. They are very aggressive, but if you are patient, watch the angle, and use NO pressure, you will get a super smooth shave. Single edge blades are nice and stiff, so they will cut through anything, but can feel a bit harsh if you aren't careful. The results are so nice that my Micromatic is becoming my favorite razor...
I love the scent (my wife does too), but the soap itself seems to give my face a lot of pain as I shave. I get a close shave, but the pain stays with me for a while. The other Pirate's Cove soaps I have used have been much more pleasant. Can't beat the value, though!
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