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I dont know too many wet shavers who are looking for a cream that doesnt lather... but if by some strange reason you are, then this one is for you. With that being said, it lubricates very well and does offer a decent shave. It is advertised as a low lather cream, so it does what its supposed to do. Its odorless, but doesnt reak at the same time. $18.00 C&E. It is advertised as a low lather cream on the website... Which is practically giving the stuff away at 75% off online only. Who knows...
Odorless, thick and creamy. Very refreshing. Goes on nicely and made my skin extremely soft, and well hydrated. May not be worth the steap $32.00 price tag for most, but im gonna be sticking with it for a while, and have already got a second tube. :biggrin:
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