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I recently ordered and received these blades form Razor Blades and More. They were the only vendor I found that carried them, other than Feather. I bought them to try in my Valet razor in hopes that they would fit. Much to my happiness they did. The price I gave as a 7 because they were well over a dollar per blade, I paid $8-9 for a pack of 5. But the price can drop dramatically, to just over 50 cents per blade if one can get them from Japan. The quality is superb in my books...
I found these at an antique store, when looking for razors. I couldn't pass them up as they were only $3, for the pack of 10 blades. I opened the pack and took out the blade. It was double wrapped and I loved the look of the blade. I put one into my newy acquired Rocket and the blade felt like it was biting into my face. It hurt, no matter the angle and I started to worry that it was the razor, so I loaded up a Feather blade, and the shave was very nice. No matter what razor I put...
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