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Here's a very nice 7-piece stainless steel manicure set by Dovo. The set includes: Toenail clipper Cuticle scissors Nail scissors Tweezers Nail file Nail cuticle implements (two) The set isn't cheap at $135 from, but you get a variety of items for grooming your nails. The fit and finish are superb, as the items are sharp where they're supposed to be, with no traces of machining or casting. The scissors cut very well. I'm particularly fond of the cuticle scissors...
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I can't explain it, but I seem to acquire lavender scented items rather quickly. For review today, the Castle Forbes Lavender Cream. First...the photos... This cream glistens and is on the thick side. A dollop in the bowl. A few swirls. Maybe 30 total swirls. And there's plenty left in the bowl. One quick swipe on the hand. A few additional swipes and you can see how thick and rich the lather is. Price: Ouch. CF creams are expensive. If you're...
The following is a review from my wife, Mrs. letterk. ------------------------------ Price: I received two Edwin Jagger razors from The English Shaving Company. The first one is the Edwin Jagger Ladies Lilac Gillette® Mach3® razor is priced at about $85 plus shipping with today’s exchange rates. The second razor is the Edwin Jagger Ladies Green Gillette® Mach3® razor going for about $55. Quality: The quality of both of these razors is excellent. The plastic is smooth and the chrome...
I've used just about every St. Charles Shave soaps out there and this is my all-time favorite. While I've enjoyed most SCS soaps, the scent of the Orange Sorbet is so different and so delicious, it trumps the rest. It's like shaving with a warm creamsicle. It makes me want to keep licking my liips, even after knowing it tastes like soap. Mated with the typically superb SCS performance and you have a winner. Price: $6 for a large cake or $12 for a huge chunk of soap in a wood or stainless...
I jumped on the Perfect Beauty Omega brush run while the prices were still rock bottom. I picked up the Elegant brush for $45 shipped via Amazon. Pre and post-bloom shots. Price: I had no reason to buy this brush other than it was priced at a huge discount compared to other stores. I believe this normally sells for around $125. It's hard to complain about $40 (plus $5 shipping). You get a lot of brush for the price. But is that a lot of good? Quality: This brush feels very solid...
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This review is for the Edwin Jagger Medium Traditional Silvertip. I point this out because there are a lot of brushes on The English Shaving Company website. First, the review. You'll have to wait for the photos. Quality: As soon as you take this brush out of the box, you know it's a quality shaving instrument. The fit and finish is fantastic. The handle feels of quality as the material is dense and the finish is superb. Not a single hair loss in the 2.5 weeks of daily use and...
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