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OK - I'll admit it. I am a huge fan of the No 88 scent! Based on the folks that I've spoken to; this is basically a love it or hate it type of situation. So, please view this opinion from the camp that LOVES it.... That said: At $39, this soap probably has to be the worst soap value that I can remember purchasing. If you have the scratch to buy it in it's (pictured) black glass bowl; that combination will set you back a total of $89 plus shipping! :eek: Now that the 'elephant in the...
I have in my greedy little mits not one, but two variants of Sue's excellent "Bath Butter." Since it's still basically winter time here in dreary Michigan; my skin gets about as dry as parchment if I'm not careful. Therefore, I'm always on the hunt for TRULY moisturizing shower products (I say truly because most claim something that they never deliver in this regard). The two scents that I have of this great stuff is "Shamrock" and "Savory Rose." Actually, I find the scents fairly...
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