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Saint Charles shave Luxury Foaming Spa (Bath) Butter

I have in my greedy little mits not one, but two variants of Sue's excellent "Bath Butter."

Since it's still basically winter time here in dreary Michigan; my skin gets about as dry as parchment if I'm not careful. Therefore, I'm always on the hunt for TRULY moisturizing shower products (I say truly because most claim something that they never deliver in this regard).

The two scents that I have of this great stuff is "Shamrock" and "Savory Rose." Actually, I find the scents fairly similar with a very "fresh cut flowers" scent to them. The rose just seems to have that little rose topnote that evokes and image of a Valentine's Day bouquet.

I think Sue said that the packaging that she sent these in (smaller, clear plasitc jars with black threaded lids) was not standard. It was simply what she had at the time. Since it made no difference to me, I was perfectly happy with that choice. Your order will probably vary, however.

Anyhow... This stuff is VERY rich and smells wonderful. You absolutely do need to use some sort of "scrunchy" or shower "puff" or something, however. It's fairly airy and whipped out of the jar, and the 'Butter' requires that you work it with water to get the product to lather up. It is effortless, and as it's lathering; you're being treated to an aromatherapy session in your shower!

It truly does leave even my skin nice and moisturized and feeling great. It rinses clean and, as usual, is an insane value.

My only "knock" on the product is that it rinses out of the shower "puff" VERY quickly. You can easily use a good 2 finger gob of the stuff and have it wash out of the "puff" before you're done washing your entire body. It was really a bummer until I learned to just keep the water from spraying directly on to the actual "lather ball."

I am contrasting this to the excellent Nancy Boy Invigorating Body Wash that is almost impossible to rinse away without deliberately trying to do so (often, more than once). Again - it's quite a bit more money as well - so the value is there on both products.

If you're into a variety of bath products (and who here isn't?); I would highly recommend this item. If you ask Sue, I believe she can make this product in any "flavor" that she sells. Gives us gents one more way to "layer" our scents! :thumbup1:
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