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After a year and half of dedicated DE shaving I was getting better shaves from cartridge razors. I found myself favoring the various twin blade cartridge razors that are commonly available so I set out to find myself a swanky razor handle to use with twin blade cartridges. After finding a really mint Atra handle on the 'bay I still wanted one that I could use for TracII style fixed head cartridges and Sensor cartridges. The Merkur MII fills that bill perfectly so I took the plunge and...
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Blades seem to be one of the biggest YMMV things. So I find rating blades pretty subjective. The ratings are based on how they compare to what works well for me. The ratings are based on how they compare in performance to Red IP's which are my go-to blade. In my opinion these blades are sharp and smooth. I think the Red IP eeks out just a hair ahead in these categories. They cost a little more than Red IP's so I docked them some on price but they are still not really what I'd call...
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