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Apres Solaire Apres Rasage

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Aloe Vera Gel with Mint.

Ingredients: "Purified Caribbean sea water, peppermint extract, allantoin, cyclomethicone and dimethicone, camelia oleifera extract and phenoxyethanol, carbomer, tromethamine, aloe vera extract, spearmint oil, polysorbate 20, chlorophyllinum cupreum."

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Pros: Calming, Cooling, Wonderful Mint Scent, Hydrating without Oily Residue
Cons: The only con I can think of would be cost. It is priced similarly to other luxury balms, and you get a good amount of product.
Just tried out some Ligne St Barth Apres Solaire/Apres Rasage for the first time.

The shave: Razorock XXX face lathered, Tradere OC, and three passes. A bit of a rough shave, but I'll chalk that up to using a cart recently while on vacation.

Apres Rasage: It is described as aloe vera gel with mint. It has a gel texture and a light, soft green color. It comes in a 200 mL glass flask with gold screw top cap. (The smaller size was in a plastic flask.) The aroma is a clean,fresh mint. I love the scent! It had an immediate cooling and calming sensation upon application. I used about a teaspoon, and that was plenty product. 10 minutes after application I can still get the faintest of mint smell, but it is not enough to interfere with any cologne. No oily residue that I can see. My skin feels very hydrated and soft.

The only downside would be cost. Like everything on St Barth, Ligne carries a high price tag and shipping cost on their website. Still, the product line is top notch, and it seems priced equally to other luxury balms and skin foods. Their female line is of equally exceptional quality with natural pleasant scents, so the lady of the house tells me. The apres rasage hits the spot for a hot day and paired very nicely with the minty scent of XXX. I am very pleased.

Edit: I payed about 35 euros.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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