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Anhydrous Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade

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Fragrance and Preservative Free Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin

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Pros: Highly conditioning, appropriate for sensitive skin, enhances color
Cons: tacky, mild odor
If you have a beard or a mustache this is the holy grail of conditioning products. Frizzy, wirey, and out-of-control facial hair is remedied by using this product. Prone to split ends in your beard or mustache? Lanolin is the answer. I've been using this stuff for years, and I have a fine mustache because of it. People comment all of the time how great the color of my mustache is. I have light brown to red colored facial hair, and this stuff makes those colors stand out. It does wonders on grey or white facial hair as well. It makes the colors richer and shinier. If you think you have a dull colored mustache and beard, I highly recommend a quality lanolin like this one. It makes a world of difference. It also adds thickness and volume to your facial hair. I have blond hairs in the middle of my 'tache, and the lanolin adds fullness to this area.

Why is wool such a great product? Because of lanolin. Why is wool so soft? Because of lanolin.
Lanolin will make your beard and mustache great and soft.

The negative of lanolin is the smell. It has a somewhat medicinal, barn yard smell. That description makes it seem worse than it actually is but it's the only way I can think of to describe it. But the smell fades almost instantaneously. You can remove the initial smell by making your own custom lanolin balm. Add any essential oils you like and oila! But again, the smell is minimal and I find that any AS or Frag you put on makes the lanolin's smell inconsequential. And again, the initial odor never lingers.

It also has a sticky, tacky consistency that people often dislike. But this is why it is so good in your facial hair. A little goes a long way in your beard and mustache. But even if you over-do the application, in 15-20 minutes your hair absorbs the lanolin and your left with the softest beard ever. I love this stuff. It's my secret weapon.
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