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9 O'Clock (Nine O'Clock) Aftershave

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Pros: Nice scent and efficent
Cons: Difficult to get
Price: I got this aftershave in a lot from Japan, with shipping cost and other products, the cost was estimated. If you are local to buy this product, I believe it's around $10-$15 mark... Which is quite cheap for this product but it lost some points as this one is impossible to get locally in Australia, so, Shipping fees are a killer unless you get a large quantity...
Quality: Very good product, works very well
Fights Razor Burn: I don't usually get razor burn but this product would help for sure.
Cooling Sensation: There are no menthol in this product (I don't have the ingredient list unfortunately, it's in Japanese on the back of the bottle).
Scent: The scent is quite modern and aquatic. It reminds me of the kid shampoo that I used when I was a kid. Not a bad scent IMO.
Efficacy: This aftershave help my skin yes.
Moisturizing: My skin feels a bit dryer with this aftershave compare to a different Japanese AS (MG5, Vintage, Bravas).
No Alcohol Burn: This one doesn't burn or doesn't burn much compared to other Aftershaves (Pinaud, Brut).

Overall: It's a good product, it's a shame it so difficult to source as it's not really exported outside Japan. My recommendation is if you can put your hands on one of those, do so, it's a great product that works quite well. Would I buy this again? Yes!
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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