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So I trolled the shaving cream reviews for some time looking for a good cream. So when I saw that azmark, an institution on these boards, wrote such a positive review – I bought “sight unseen.” It was one of my best Wet Shaving decisions.

I didn’t think so at first not being a huge almond fan but like I always say, “I can get past most things if something works!” And this stuff works!

Price – 10 - $20 USD bucks. For a product that I now proudly leave on my counter, I would say $20.00 is a steal.

Quality – 10 - Ok so I don’t like almond scents, but when I initially opened the tub and gave it a whiff, clearly it was complex leading one to think quality. Somehow, it seems “richer” than the plastic tub and $20.00 dollar price tag leads on though. Moreover, reading the ingredient list, you have to know this is going to be a good product. I would say this is a millionaire slumming in a VW GTI.

Latherability – 10 - This is something I normally hesitate speaking to because the water I have at home is so hard that I can only drool at the photos guys post here with their brushes all loaded up. Having said that, I am glad to report that this stuff lathers like a king even for me! I look at it, and it lathers lol! Truly – I was shocked.

Efficacy – 10 - this is another category I have issues with because I am not sure the true definition of it with respect to shaving (note to self – look up the word efficacy on the B&B wiki). Again though, 1869 proved to me that I might have learned something here. This product allows me to use repeated short strokes. I generally have to use long flowing strokes across my face as the creams I have just don’t have the “efficacy” 1869 affords me. Truly, the best “efficacy” product I have tried (Al’s being a close second).

Moisterizing Properties – 10 – this stuff is one, if not the only product that were I to forget to put on balm, it wouldn’t leave me suffering. I hate to gush but so far … this has to be the most moisturizing cream I have used.

Packaging – 9 – Like I said, I proudly display this on my counter. Half of it is because it’s such an awesome product, the other half is because I kind of like the brown on brown look.

As it stands right now, my rotation is being ignored! I have grown to like the scent and constantly look to the abilities 1869 affords me. I just can’t say enough good things about it! And that’s saying a lot, as I have the retention for “stick-to-itiveness” with respect to product of a goldfish, my wife assures me.

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