Found a restaurant in St. Louis with Pappy 20yo on the menu. Should I go for it?

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by _MementoMori_, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. $20 for 2 ounces. That seems steep to a poor guy like me, but I'll probably never have another opportunity in my life to try it. Would you other poor folk go for it?
  2. djh

    djh Moderator

    In a heartbeat. That's what instant ramen is all about....
  3. Yes, order 2 :)
  4. Yes. $20 is a great price for it, I've payed a lot more than that. It is going for $45/dram in downtown LA
  5. It is pretty good stuff, even for a bourbon.
  6. $20 is a lot cheaper than the $100+ you'll pay for a bottle of it. I think it's worth it and worth the time to savor it.
  7. Guess I got a great deal here in Chicago tonight, where I paid $16 for a really nice-sized serving.

  8. I would go for it. It is pretty difficult to find, and $20 is MUCH cheaper than what you'd pay on the off chance you find a bottle.
  9. djh

    djh Moderator

    And? Inquiring minds want to know!
  10. Haven't been able to make it back yet, but you talked me into it. I'm trying it next time I go there. It's a BBQ joint called Hendrick's, for anyone who wants to know.
  11. Oh man! BBQ and PvW :001_wub: That's one hell of a night.

    I'd donate some blood or something in the days ahead to get some extra Pappy money.
  12. Alright, you've got my attention (on the bourbon and the BBQ). Where in St. Louis is Hendrick's?
  13. It's in downtown St. Charles. They've only been open a few months. If you go, I highly recommend trying the brisket sandwich. And leave some Pappy's for me!
  14. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Is it down on first street by the river? Haven't been there in a long time!
  15. Yes sir, that's the place.
  16. For anyone in Chicago looking to try the Pappy 20 year old, I got it at Stanley's Kitchen and Tap on Lincoln Avenue. It really was one heck of a generous pour for $16. Pretty decent food there, too.

  17. If you have to ask us, the answer is always yes and a second for dessert!
  18. OH MAN! I was just in St. Charles on business for several weeks. I would have joined you for a drink of Pappy. I was unplugged from B&B this time, but next time maybe I'll PM you before I come. I didn't go to Hendrick's. Wish I had. Went to Tony's, Quintessential, and McNally's. Tony's was good, Q had potential but they didn't know how to cook a steak, and McNally's was also decent with some pretty good beer.

    Back to the question at hand - YES!! That's not a bad price for a great pour.

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