Can Mantic59 Tame the R41?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by CWX, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. CWX


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  2. By the looks of his neck after his ATG pass, I'm guessing not yet.
  3. Apparently not.
  4. 02:33 - Now I think I'll tempt fate with an against the grain pass.
    02:36 - Oh wow, this might not be a good idea.

    I love Mantic's sense of humor. Of course, we know that he'll nail it the next time.
  5. Nice video by Mantic. Thanks for spilling blood for the cause!
    It looks like XTG and ATG are out of order, though.
  6. Not for me, my grain is a little odd.

    I definitely "took one for the team" on this shave though.... :scared:
  7. It looks like he edited out all of the curse words. :laugh:

    On another note...I now won't feel so bad when I nick myself the next time I use it.
  8. I want to try the R41.

    My biggest problem is with slight irritation, bumps and ingrowns on my neck.

    I've found that a great lather, skin stretching, a very sharp blade, and an extremely light touch are the keys to success.

    My only problem is that the head on my Merkur HD isn't aggressive enough to get it in one pass. I think that the R41 could solve that problem, thereby eliminating the need to do an additional pass on my neck.
  9. That's almost exactly the results I had when I first switched to the R41. I took 30 shaves before I had the thing in control. I don't like anything else now though.
  10. Thanks for the vids Mantic!
  11. We thank you for your sacrifice!
  12. You deserve a medal for that shave.....


  13. Not if his grain grows more sideways than up-and-down.
  14. I'm the same way. From ear to nose is ATG for me. It's very hard to get a close shave on my jaw line and under my chin.
  15. lol..looks like he had a ruprazor strop in the background..had to say it..perhaps it was his blade n razor combo that his face didnt like..or i may take 1-2 weeks for his face to "adjust"
  16. CWX


    Same with me - my grain on my cheeks and chin is fairly normal but grows in all directions on my neck.

    As always thank you for the videos - they were the reason I got into wetshaving in the first place.
  17. Gam

    Gam Contributor

    Same here,but it's only one spot on my right cheek that goes ear to nose.

    Great Videos Mantic.
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  18. Great video! Parental advise maybe? :)
  19. No razor is aggressive enough to "get it in one pass." Beard reduction is the goal. That's why most of us make multiple passes in order to get superior results. I recommend you continue to work on your technique - no pressure and watching your blade angle.
  20. Seriously - if a guy with his experience gets that kind of result, why would anyone bother. Yeah, I know it might be in order to get a better shave. But how much better, and at what expense?

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