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This page intends to list the Wiki Guidelines. Every contributor should follow those guidelines when contributing to B&B Wiki.


  • No copyrighted material without permission by the owner.
  • Must follow the B&B general guidelines. Wiki is part of B&B so all B&B Term of Usage apply
  • Follow naming convention for file names. The file should have a name that means something, it can be difficult to associate DSC0001.JPG. The current usage is to give the company name, model/product name and product type when it's a product. As an example, Mandom Lucido Aftershave.jpg.
  • If using a forum post as the basis of an article, contact the owner first. Additionally, include a link back to the post for credit as well as discussion.
  • Use templates when available. These aren't formal wiki templates, but sample pages where members can cut and paste to keep a more consistent look
  • Use a spellchecker before posting new articles or edits.
  • All information is to be unbiased, and shall not include opinions or preferences. Use the forum for these discussions.
  • If you are unsure or have a question, contact a Wiki Caretaker

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