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User titles

Instead of "Ranks", users who post in the forums have a title below his or her user name. This title changes as a user's post count grows. The list was changed in early 2009, though some titles such as "Whisker Whacker" kept their previous place in the title hierarchy.

Here is an approximate list of the current titles. Above 2000 posts, it gets messy to figure out which titles are automatic and which are custom.

110Wetshaver Wannabe
1125In M3 Remission
2635DE Envious
3645Starter Kit Surfer
4655Whisker Whacker
5665Lather Learner
6671I Dream of DE
7279Proraso Pirate
8089First Lieutenant of Free Samples
100135Sir Shave-a-Lot
136150Badger Wrangler
151180Styptic Addicted
181204Knight of the Round Lather Bowl
205240Razor Rajah
241280Hot Lather High Roller
281320Foreman of the Bucking Badger Ranch
321359Chairman of the Bathroom
360379Lather Challenged
380399I survived RAD SSAD and ASAD
400439Bruce Lee of Wet Shaving
440469Sherpa of Shaving
470499Barbicide Barbarian
500525Proraso Green With Envy
526580Fanatical Face Fleecer
581640One with his SCAD
641699Bald Faced Baron
700799Top Toggle
800870Tenured at Institut Karite
871889Shave Mug Thug
890949With the Grain Wannabe
950974Blade Sampler Sophomore
975999Injector Inspector
10001059Artist of Shaving
10601099Beat Cop with a Paddle Strop
11001179Superspeed Sensei
11801219BBS Bandito
12201299Shave Stick Samurai
13001374Ace of Speick
13751399Bobby Brown of Wet Shaving
14001499DE Deity
15001599Personna Persona
16001650I'm an Aqua Velva Man
16511690Valobra Viscount
16911699Futur Jedi
17001799Musgo Monster - for Real
18001879Merkur Monster
18801999Strop Me Gently
20002099Fusion Flunky
21002299Shavestick Swayze
23002539Peer of the Tallow
25402599Capo di Crema
26002699Post Count Proliferator
27002899Shaving Jedi
29002999Method Shaving Marquess
?and upDali Lama of the DE


Left to the user's imagination. Obviously a reference to the "What Would Jesus Do?" wristbands popular with some population segments in the USA. Some reports indicate that the title means "What would Nick do?", as Nick is a founding member of B&B.

The official B&B answer about WWND? is this: "From time immemorial, from the very bowels of the primordial soup of B&B, this phrase has sprung from the lips in times of great strife and turmoil: WWND?"[1]


Vendor members have "Vendor" appended to the end of their custom title, or simply have "Vendor" as their custom title. Vendor members have a small set of additional conditions/restrictions placed upon their forum behavior.

Custom titles

Some B&B users have titles that do not follow the usual progression based on the number of posts.

Contributors (Silver & Gold)

Contributors at the Gold level may choose a custom title, or have one assigned to them by the Moderators.


Occasionally, someone will make a statement in the forums that is (intentionally or not) exceptionally funny, self-deprecating, self-effacing, mod-provoking, or dangerously arrogant. These statements (sometimes modified or blended with earlier custom titles) can end up as custom titles, assigned by the moderators. Some moderators change titles very often.

Original List

From this post, the original list of custom titles was:

  • Lurker (0)
  • Ex-Lurker (1-10)
  • In M3 Remission (11-25)
  • DE Envious (26-45)
  • Whisker Whacker (46-70)
  • First Lieutenant of Free Samples (71-100)
  • Sir Shave-a-Lot (101-135)
  • Badger Wrangler (136-170)
  • Knight of the Round Lather Bowl (171-204)
  • Razor Rajah (205-240)
  • Hot Lather High Roller (241-280)
  • Foreman of the Bucking Badger Ranch (281-320)
  • Chairman of the Bathroom (321-359)
  • Master of My Shave Domain (360-400)
  • Bruce Lee of Wet Shaving (401-439)
  • Sherpa of Shaving (440-470)
  • Barbicide Barbarian (471-524)
  • Fanatical Face Fleecer (525-579)
  • One with his SCAD (580-640)
  • Bald Faced Baron (641-699)
  • Top Toggle (700-869)
  • Shave Mug Thug (870-949)
  • Injector Inspector (950-999)
  • Beat Cop with a Paddle Strop (1000-1099)
  • Superspeed Sensei (1100-1199)
  • Shave Stick Samurai (1200-1349)
  • Bobby Brown of Wet Shaving (1350-1499)
  • Personna Pimp (1500-1649)
  • Musgo Monster - for Real (1650-1799)
  • Merkur Monster (1800-1999)
  • Fusion Flunky (2000-?)
  • Barbasol Bandit
  • Capo di Crema
  • DE Deacon
  • Well aren't I a Nancy Boy

  • "Crown Prince of Progress", reached by very few members who had not obtained mod-assigned custom titles, was also a standard title.

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