Zippo has their own cologne now

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Bruce Wayne, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Bruce:
    Now I've heard of everything...imagine that a Eau de Toilette de Lighter Fluid by Zippo (which you could mistake for a
    bona fide lighter). [​IMG]

    No, but seriously...has anyone tried it???

    :straight: "Hard work is the aftershave of accomplishment". Author Unknown
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  2. Haha, a great compliment for this little gem I saw in Art of Manliness the other day:

    Still waiting on the Hoppes 9 pour homme

  3. Both Moonshine and Zippo illustrate to me one of the driving principles of men's fragrance- ya gotta have a gimmick. Or at least many marketers think a good gimmick can sway us. Often it does. I bought "cool bottles" for years.

    The Zippo bottle is very cool looking...trying to cash in on their long established brand name and iconic lighter.

    The Moonshine guys came up with a nifty name. Fragrance is least of what they are focused on. It's all about having a gimmick to lure us simple minded morons into making an impulse buy. There was an article about them in Art of Manliness. Nothing in the article led me to believe this is any kind of quality juice. Simply three guys who decided to start a business. Put about $0.90 worth of aroma chemicals in a $1 bottle, slap a label on it and let the money pour in.

    So are Zippo and Moonshine any good? They're probably not bad. I'm sure there are many established scents that are worse.

    "Somebody" started a thread about Moonshine over at Basenotes that went nowhere. Moonshine replied to an email inquiry that they were "working hard" to find a way for people to sample it. Creating samples doesn't require "working hard." Every knucklehead in here into frags knows everything there is to know about creating a sample. Vial, package and postage. But if your product doesn't deliver, lots of those samples will go nowhere. One guy did go try some from their limited distribution "network" of independent haberdashers. Said it vaguely resembled Terre D'Hermes, but faded fast. YMMV

    I'm not down on them. I wish them luck. Maybe they'll become the next Andy Tauer. But as a bit of a collector, I'm not seeing any passion for fragrance in their startup right now. I'm seeing $0.90 aroma chemicals in a $1 bottle.
  4. Not sure I'd want to wear it, but who doesn't love the shock of lighter fluid scent. :wink2:
  5. Yeah, I wondered about that lighter fluid smell, so I looked it up. Notes listed below.

    Top notes are bergamot, grapefruit, violet leaf and red apple; middle notes are lavender, geranium, tonka bean, pepper and clary sage; base notes are vetiver, patchouli, cashmere wood, virginia cedar and vanille.
  6. Everything but the kitchen sink.

    I think in Jr. High when we'd make something like that at Burger King we called it a "Suicide"
  7. Sounds.....odd. It may be old hat to bag on the seemingly gimmicky frag, but nevertheless it seems like they've just picked notes from a range of fragrances and jammed them all together. Sage and tonka bean together in the middle?

    I predict that quite a few of those notes would be nigh-on imperceptible to the casual observer. Prove me wrong, Zippo, prove me wrong.

    EDIT - ok looked up the site, and basenotes, and the notes listed are bergamot and clary sage on top, with cashmere wood and patchouli in the middle, and vetiver at the heart. Seems a lot safer (possibly too safe) than those listed by Stylin.
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  8. rearviewmirror

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    needs more butane in the topnote
  9. jakespoppy

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    That will come with the Zippo Blu version. :thumbup1:
  10. Of course. Just look at the Vintage Avon thread.
  11. I smelt it at my local Shopper's Drug Mart. Smells pretty generic, but it's pleasant. No "lighter fluid" smell. I was hoping for a scent close to Fahrenheit to shoot out of the lighter-shaped bottle, but it was more like Kenneth Cole Reaction.
  12. According to Google Calculator, 50 ml is equal to 1.69 fluid ounces. You would think they could put it in a bigger bottle so you wouldn't have to buy it as often...
  13. ZIPPO Cologne ... naptha with a scent --- sort like Baby Oil ... mineral oil with a scent

    They went with Cologne because the After Shave had to much "BURN" ... :bayrum2:
  14. The lighter fluid smells good; why not the cologne?
  15. rearviewmirror

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    I love the smell of butane.....

    and I should probably start a new thread for this one, but i've been using 'coal tar' shampoo lately for my skin issues, and while it isnt helping, i LOVE the smell of it.
    who makes a tar based scent! probably Johns Mansville or some other giant construction material company

  16. I'm waiting for the Kingsford Charcoal EDT, I prefer the smokiness of this.

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