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Your top badger brush

My Rooney was my best, until I somehow ruined it. Don't know exactly what I did while lathering, but the hair is all twisted and tangled all the way down, and no amount of combing or cleaning has fixed it. :( But I have an even better brush now, my Saponificio Varesino in Bois de Rose.
Simpson 56 Best Badger
Small brush fan here! A true face latherer and a bit of a minimalist, I like to control where it (the lather) goes and how it goes on, and small brushes do that well for me.

*Now I've heard it said that having two brushes in rotation does allow for some additional, essential drying time between uses, and I have bought into that theory (in other words, I'm hooked)! Thus, I have ordered another smaller Simpson,... this time a Tulip 1 which is filled with a Super (Silvertip) Badger knot (according to Simpson).
I have a few badger brushes. 6 to be exact. My Envy Shave Luxury Silvertip in the Alpha T-400 handle is my favorite for those who don't want to read my gibberish.

* Art of Shaving Pure: My first brush. It's small as it came in a "medium" size travel kit. I don't use it anymore.
* Edwin Jagger Best: I bought this thinking it represents the next step up from the AoS brush. I was wrong. It's worse and the same size so, useless.
* Parker King Size Pure: I actually like this brush because of its size. It's a little more scritchy than I like but it works nicely on more than a day or two of stubble.
* Golden Nib Silvertip with a custom handle: This one is ok but not great. A little more floppy than I like and more scritch than I would expect from a Silvertip. Doesn't see much use.
* Envy Shave Luxury Silvertip in custom handle: I had the handle made and bought the knot separately. I installed it into the handle. I didn't do a good job of sealing the hole the knot sits in. But I love the knot.
* Envy Shave Luxury Silvertip in Alpha T-400 (Rubberset replica): My favorite of all my badgers. The handle is perfect. But that knot is insanely amazing. It's very dense and the tips are like gel. Soooooo soft and luxurious.
Yaqi 24mm Fan 2-band badger seems to be do the trick for me. It's got a great balance of backbone, scrub, and performance.

In my early beginnings, I have had a few quality badgers, Simpson Duke, Rooney 3/1 and a few in between. Only have 1 badger now that suits me perfectly. Small but still packs a wallop in it's ability to lather. with plenty of backbone. Soft tips, but still capable of giving a good scrub without any scritchiness.

It's a TGN Finest in 16mm set in a vintage Century brand, bakelite, butterscotch handle.

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Great looking brush!
In no specific order:

1. Alpha Titanium SHD Manchurian Fan; every time I use this brush, I wonder why I'm not using it more.

2. Simpson's Chubby 2 in Best; takes every soap and 'creams' it-literally from loading, turns hard, soft, tween pucks into a cream-like consistency on my face.

3. Rooney Stubby 2 Super Badger; my first brush that had me 'gel' in. The smallest of the trio-when it was out, I dithered about getting the 3 size but this performed so well, I thought I would have more time. Now it's unobtainium.

Currently my Simpson Commodore X3 in best, it’s soft with good scrub and the handle feels great, but I’m waiting delivery today of a Kent blk4 silvertip so next week it maybe a Kent?

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