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Your top badger brush


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I only have one badger brush and I bought it so I would have one. It smelled funky when I got it...LOL! It does a good job though.

Parker Badger Brush.JPG
Simpson Commodore X3 is the best badger I’ve ever owned.
Currently my Simpson Commodore X3 in best, it’s soft with good scrub and the handle feels great, but I’m waiting delivery today of a Kent blk4 silvertip so next week it maybe a Kent?

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The Commodore X2 Best is my favorite.

The knot is just fantastic and the handle is the nicest I've ever seen!
Just got my first real badger brush last week, a 26mm Virginia Sheng finest badger. It was only like $11 shipped from China but I can't stop using it. For me it's the perfect combination of backbone, softness, and splay. Before this brush I was primarily using the razorock disruptor.
I got one last year - if it were a smaller 20mm brush it would be my favorite, but compared to a couple of favorite synthetics, the badgers just don't measure up.
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