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You can't return home again

I've been using a brush for many years, well decades, actually. A year ago I made the switch from a cartridge razor to the DE.

This morning I decided to pull out my Edwin Jagger Gillette handle, and give the old twin blade a try. My musings ran along the lines of it will be interesting to see how this shaves in comparison to the DE, and what other impressions I might have from my year of DE shaving.

I lathered up as usual with a nice EJ Super Badger, size small, Floris JF cream in the bowl, picked up the twin blade and touched my face just below sideburn area. Half a stroke down, I stopped, set the abomination in my hand on the counter and looked in the mirror. What was I thinking?

You see, that half stroke was absolutely horrid, I kid you not. Tugging, pulling, not smooth, no glide. What was I thinking?

I picked up my EJ Diffision razor with the Muehl head and finished my shave in a more enjoyable fashion. You see, I really can't go back again.
I did the same thing with my M3 a few weeks ago except I finished the shave. The shave experience wasn't so bad. It was kind of mindless and certainly faster. Nothing interesting though. Problem was, I spent the rest of my day feeling all the stubble on my face. I couldn't wait to get home and shave it off.

I honestly get a little anxious about the amount of time it takes me to get a quality DE shave as compared to the quick get it done with my M3, but I am absolutely hooked on the closer and longer lasting shave I get from my DE.
No time spent doing things in a more enjoyable and satisfying way has ever been wasted :smile:


I haven't tried a cartridge razor since using a DE. I do know that I never had a completely smooth shave w/ a cartridge. I hope never to go back.
I used my Fusion the other day. There was no tugging or anything, but the shave was crappy. I had stubble all day as well. It's best left to my scalp, where it shines.
My Mach 3 makes the top of the shaved hair wickedly dull. They don't feel as healthy as they should, a DE is different.

To the OP: A DE is much more efficient in cutting long hair. I think that's what caused the tuggin and pulling. IMO they're not made to shave hairs as long as a DE could shave.
I went back and forth for a couple of months at the beginning -- I'm a natural skeptic -- but I have fallen in love with the sport and tradition of DE shaving and will likely never go back, even though my reasons for switching had nothing to do with performance or health (I was getting fine, irritation-free shaves for 30+ years with a Trac II and a can of Edge).

I suppose what I am attempting inartfully to express is that I feel as though I could go back; I just don't want to.
i've only used my old fusion and the mach 3 i use on the back of my neck a couple of times and it wasn't terrible but it wasn't very good either. i'm sure having only used the DE for a while i just wasn't used to using a cartridge.
Perhaps, maybe I could go back to a twin blade with some habit inducement, but, really, why would I now.

The experience, enjoyment, and satisfaction of the DE shave is gratifying. The tradition too, is important. Knowing that my father and grandfather used a DE, and being able to connect to that history and those memories...priceless.
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