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You are running late and in a hurry.

The one that helps you set your alarm clock lol! Sorry probably my 57 flare tip, because I won't have to worry as much about cutting myself while I hack at my face.
If I am in a real rush, I whip out the old Gillette lime cream out of a can and the Schick Hydro 5 Razor and shave whilst having a shower. Works "too" well.
I use the same razor I would normally use, I just do 1 pass only shave. Socially acceptable and the chase for a BBS are two different things, especially when i'm in a hurry.
Hmmmm, never thought of choosing the razor based on how much time I have to shave. But thinking about it I would have to say I would go with one of my Super Speeds over an open comb or adjustable. I might have to try my Schick-Eversharp one of these hurried mornings! I can tell you I wouldn't even consider a GEM if I was rushed!
I shower shave if in a super hurry.

my shower shave kit consists of shaving creame, an Omega synthetic brush and an injector (usually an I1 Schick).
I'd probably use a Brit New long comb, because it's highly efficient and I can get a very decent shave with just two passes. I bit of care is required, but not that much more than normal.
I would use a razor, blade and lather combination with which I am familiar and comfortable. When I'm hurried I am prone to mistakes.
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