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Yaqi Brush knots?

This is my new task. Re-knotting, now two handles.
My suggestion would be to go with an ApshaveCo Tuxedo Bulb and set the knot about 5+mm deeper in the handle to get the backbone you desire. Set the knot with silicone at first so that if you don't get it right it is easily removeable to reset at a different loft...
Tuxedo knots are a little tricky. In my experience Yaqi and Oumo Tuxedos differ (I haven't tried Boti yet)

Yaqi Tuxedo is soft tips but higher backbone, with a some scrub to it.

Oumo Thick Tuxedo has a lot of scrub/scritch with high backbone. I did not enjoy it

Oumo Thin Tuxedo is the softest knot out there. No backbone, floppy, but makes lather easily. One of my favorites.

I also see that newer Yaqi Tuxedos differ a bit from the older ones... I haven't tried the newer versions so I got no say on it. My experience is from 2019 Yaqi knots.
Now you got me intrigued in the oumo tuxedo knots, yaqi is way too soft for me.
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