Yaqi 2Band Badger v/s D S Cosmetics 2Band

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    These two band badger brushes are best bang for buck in the market today and read many are still sitting over fence about ordering either of these. So I just wanted to give a quick rundown on each of these if that helps anyone to make up their mind.
    Size Comparison: A picture is more than thousand words! I am posting a picture as a reference that shows the height of my (Left to Right) Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger 24MM, Yaqi Moka 26MM 2Band Badger, D S Cosmetics 26MM 2Band Badger and Omega 20102 27MM Boar Brush. As you can see DS is shade taller than Omega but handle is longer than Omega. Yaqi feels much shorter standing next to DS.

    Funky Smell: I am not very sensitive to odd smells but the Yaqi had almost no animal smell in the knot and I could use the brush right off the bat after just a rinse in shampoo and vinegar. DC had a strong smell and it took me 4 rinses in shampoo/vinegar over two days before I was able to use it.

    Shave Feel: Both Yaqi and DS have common head shape. I have shaved with them twice but DS looks a bit bloomed because I have essentially packed away the Yaqi after second shave and just took it out for this review. Both lathered up on MWF in almost similar time and well, they both did felt a little rougher than a Silvertip but not so much to make me jump. Unlike a Synthetic both Badgers had very enjoyable splay and released lather on demand for 3 passes shave. There were no blunt end stray hair in the knot and I never needed to reach out for tweezers like I often do on boars.

    The Knot: Although I could be splitting hair but I will say for whatever it is worth. Not a deal breaker for me but as seen from the base to top, DS knot is 1 or 2 mm taller than Yaqi. However one thing that I immediately noticed was that Yaqi packs more hair than DS and the difference can be felt while squeezing and twirling the knots between thumb and forefinger. On that note, DS loads the soap a tiny bit quicker and feels easy to dial in with water soap ratio. Yaqi on the other hand is shade slower to pick up soap and lather up but also holds more than required lather for 3 passes.

    The Handle: The shape, design and colour are a matter of personal preference so I will leave you the picture on that but for me things panned out differently. I liked Yaqi handle design over DS and bought it for $32.80 shipped but when DS offered me a coupon + flash sale code how could I pass it for $17.50 shipped? So that’s how I got both within a week of each other.

    But still I have packed away the Yaqi and plan to use DS for now. I have normal size hand but Yaqi handle is HUGE not in terms of size perhaps but the way handle is designed itself. The lower part of mocha pot flares up progressively towards the bottom end. It makes the handle feel bigger and holding the brush feels does not feel natural to me. I am constantly reminded how big the part that I am holding between finger and thumb is. In contrast the DS handle feels at home and I feel very natural when using this brush even though I do not like bulbous shapes in general.

    While Lathering: DS with slimmer profile is easy to swirl in my soap mug but Yaqi brush with Octagon shape has protrusions that keep knocking inside the mug and it is hard to follow a seamless swirling motion. As a bigger 26MM knot and handle design, this problem is greatly enhanced. [I may also point out here that Yaqi also have similar handle in synthetic brush known as mew brown with a 24mm knot and same handle is Hexagon shape and smaller footprint/material than 26mm 2Band badger].

    Nope, I haven’t forgotten the Glue Bump: Yaqi has a very manageable blue bump but the bump is not as flushed as in my 24mm Silvertip. But then my Silvertip was almost $45. DS is really worse off with a very pronounced glue bump at the base of knot and I would say it was so prominent that I had to raise arbitration for a resolution at Ali exprs. Because of glue bump I do actually not like DS by a wide margin over Yaqi brush.

    You get what you pay for. Happy Shaving.
  1. Thank you very much for the comprehensive review, sir! Congratulations for your purchase!
  2. Wonderful review!! The comparison will help many here!! :a14::a14::a14::a14:
  3. nav


    Nice comparison!!

    I got my ds "two band silvertip" and whilst it's an excellent brush, I'd rank the Yaqi moka 2 Band at a couple of levels higher. The knot is denser and the loft more suitable. I also love the handle. I grab it with my whole hand and it's one of the most ergonomic handles I've ever used.

    The ds hasn't broken in yet so I'll see how the knot progresses over the next few uses.
  4. Really nice review
  5. Thanks BigJ, these two often come up recommended in budget badgers. I too hope this might help for those who are looking to pull trigger on either.
  6. Yes Nav, Yaqi knot is top stuff but hard for me to get used to the handle even if I like the design concept. A perfect tribute to Bialetti.
  7. I just received my DS 24mm 2band Silvertip yesterday and IMHO it's the largest brush that I have in my whole life. I'm not sure if going for 22mm would be better. *I have not shaved with it yet*
  8. It is going to stay as 'big' as it gets after it blooms in about 10 shaves and stay that way. Being 2 band, it doesn't have a splay like a silvertip and you might experience few stray blunts give you a spike if you face lather. Am afraid you will have to live with those unless you hunt down the criminal and snip it down, as badger hair will not split and soften.
    However 24mm is not going to grow too big and esp the DS knot.
  9. nav


    Fair enough. You could perhaps try holding the handle with your entire hand where the bottom of the handle rests on your palm. I find holding it this way leads it to be very ergonomic.

    The knot has a large bloom indeed. It would perhaps benefit being set 5mm lower.
  10. I don’t think I can set 5mm lower myself and it didn’t help that the handle is big too haha . I think it’s ok, use more product for lathering and it’s big to make you feel luxurious.

    All is well when I spent only sub $15 for this brush

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  11. Oh you mean luckily it’s 2 band hence it will splay less? More sturdy ?

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  12. It will splay on face equal to the amount of pressure you put. but yes, 2 band is somewhat resistive in comparison to a silvertip.
  13. [​IMG]

    Is the DS brush “normal” or my brushes are generally smaller ?

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  14. nav


    Sorry, I more meant that the manufacturer could shorten the loft based on our feedback.

    But I do agree, it's fantastic value for money as the knot is nice and luxurious.
  15. mass produced badger hair don't get to have loft like boars and around 53-57 mm is where they usually fall, measured from handle (where knot starts) DS 2band badger seems to have higher loft within the range . To add more height, I would say DS handle is taller than average height handles you have.
    For some reason DS thinks, taller the better. Not something I like.
  16. If you compare mine(24mm) and your 26mm, seems like mine feels larger haha.
    Not sure if they ship a 26mm for me.
  17. I just used the brush. It's luxurious(big) and there's no scritch at all, very smooth. able to provide a pretty thick lather and upon squeezing there is still a lather for a 3rd pass. I think it's a keeper if you can past it's size. I like this for the moderate backbone

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