X2 Mistake = M+C

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Graydog, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    I had 2 handles that I had been working on that I messed up trying
    to be thrifty I am decided not to waste the wood .
    I Love these two woods together ,Maple and Cocobolo.
    Thus the name x2=M+C :0.
    I just started playing with it last night and finished the shape this morning after a wonderful shave I might ad :) So far 3 coats of CA. It is probably going to live it's life as a Boar . x2mistake9.jpg x2mistake10.jpg x2mistake2.jpg x2mistake3.jpg x2mistake6.jpg
  2. It is beautiful. The two woods do look amazing together. Great shape and as always amazing looking handle. It will be a great brush I'm sure. Post pics once it is complete.
  3. Looking great! Boar would look nice.
  4. Simply great!
  5. REV579

    REV579 Contributor

    That is awesome! The Cocobolo is smokin!
  6. That is a beauty.
  7. Wow. That looks great. The cocobolo is has much more of the lighter tone than what I usually see in cocobolo. It is one of my favorite woods to work with. And always a top pick when I'm making a pen and someone just says they want a darker wood.
  8. That beauty deserves a Silvertip.
  9. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Beautiful, no other words.
  10. ralph029

    ralph029 Contributor

    Very nice sir. The maple looks like it came from the same tree as my humidor. Maple has always been my favorite wood. Besides, we get liquid gold from the right maple trees! What's not to love?
  11. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Almost done:)
  12. DCRIII

    DCRIII Contributor

    Beautiful handle and definitely looks like it needs a blonde head of hair!
  13. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Moderator

    Love it Steve I hope to get close to some of them stunners you keep posting but deffo a boar
  14. Rudy Vey

    Rudy Vey Vendor Contributor

    Cocobolo was one of my favorite woods, until I was somehow sensitized and got extreme reactions on my skin.
    It started some 15+ years ago when I was turning a pen from it - had many pens made before from it. I started the same evening with some allergic reactions in my elbows. Didn't think much about it. A few weeks later I turned another pen and the reaction was stronger...eventually I figured out that the wood i loved so much gave me a problem.
    Fast forwarding a few years and somehow I used it again - to make a brush handle...guess what, again bad reaction to the wood. It was so bad, I went to my dermatologist. He told me that he has two cases with extreme sensitized people with allergic reaction to certain woods, I was the one. The body "remembers" where the initial reaction started, in my case in the elbows and also on my chest. He also told me that every time I have the reaction to the wood it will be getting worse, and I may end up in the hospital. In the last years it has bee so bad, that not only working the wood will cause my body to react. A few years back we visited Costa Rica and in a arts shop I picked up some turned bowls - one was made from Cocobolo - later this night I had one of my worst reaction ever. Just from touching it...
    I still love to see this wood, but no longer will be able to touch or even work with it.
  15. ralph029

    ralph029 Contributor

    It sure is a drag when something you love so much turns so viciously against you, huh? I had that happen with a couple ex-wives. :w00t:
  16. This article recommends that if you have allergies to wear covering garments when working with it because it is a well known sensitizer.
    Cocobolo has a bad reputation, but not for its working qualities. This wood is a well-known sensitizer that can produce a poison-ivy type rash or other reaction in allergic individuals. If you have an allergy history, work cocobolo with full protection: gloves, long sleeves, a dust mask, and a protective skin cream.​

    A list of woods that can cause issues.
    Wood Allergies and Toxicity | The Wood Database
    If you ever have an allergic reaction to any wood that has been identified as a sensitizer, use extreme caution in handling or using that species (and related species) in future instances. Some have reactions so severe that they simply have had to stop and discontinue using certain wood species altogether. (Cocobolo is notorious in this regard.)

    Many times, a wood in a particular genus will share similar allergic compounds with other related woods, resulting in cross-reactions.) For example, Cocobolo is in the Dalbergia genus, and is also closely related to other woods such as Kingwood, Tulipwood, Honduran Rosewood, etc. ​

    So you might need to be careful with them as well.
  17. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    That is a shame Rudy The good thing is that you recognize that it was the Cocobolo and you did not have to have a bunch of testing done to figure out what was causing the irritation . I have a problem with Cedar it make my eyes water and I sneeze and get stuffed up.
    Are there any other woods that give you problems ?
  18. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    So it is Finished, sorry Boar lovers I just have to many Boar brushes and I am keeping this one cause it makes Me Smile , It's My New Happy Brush :)
    I am going to go with the faux Boar knot ,I like the way it feels and I only have one other Brush
    with that knot that I am going to keep. 26mm Faux Boar. 2-SWR_2849.JPG 3-SWR_2850.JPG 4-SWR_2852.JPG
  19. ralph029

    ralph029 Contributor

    Very nice Steve!
  20. That looks spectacular Steve, I can see why you want to keep that one.

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