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X2 Mistake = M+C

Rudy Vey

That is a shame Rudy The good thing is that you recognize that it was the Cocobolo and you did not have to have a bunch of testing done to figure out what was causing the irritation . I have a problem with Cedar it make my eyes water and I sneeze and get stuffed up.
Are there any other woods that give you problems ?
No other ones (yet...). As I said, these extreme cases are quite rare. My dermatologist, who will be retiring soon, told me he had only two cases that severe in his whole career: me and one other person - which wood for this one, I do not know.
I also have a similar allergic reaction to certain ingredients in laundry detergent. It started 1994 in South Africa while there on business for three weeks, and had my laundry done in the hotel. Here in the US it has given me only twice severe problems, and the last case was when my wife changed the detergent unbeknownst to me....the last case was that she got the Kirkland brand from Costco as they were out of the Gain she normally buys. I have no clue what ingredient it is, though. But she knows now not to change it on me....