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WTS: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Karve, Simpsons, Latha)

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...I'll let you decide which is which.

After a year of narrowing down my preferred accoutrements, and obtaining way too much gear, I am ready to offer the following to a good home(s).

1) Karve Christopher Bradley w/ B and C plates - used about 10 times, some beginning marks toward forming patina (I understand they can be cleaned off or buffed out - your choice) - with all original packaging
2) 1951 40's style Super Speed - user condition, slightly lazy doors at times, otherwise works fine (handle not as tarnished as it appears in the pics)

1) Simpsons Colonel X2L in Best - purchased in March and used about 30 times, has only lost 3-4 hairs in that time - with box
2) Simpsons Special in Best - purchased last December and used 50-60 times, loses a hair every 3-ish shaves - no box
3) WCS 26mm Silvertip - purchased a year ago, but only used 30-40 times, a lovely wall of super soft badger particularly good with creams and face lathering, has only lost 1-2 hairs in that time - no box

Soaps and Creams:
1) B&M Latha Oceana - unobtanium, great soap which I learned will burn my face shortly after ordering, but before using - new/unused
2) B&M Latha Limon - used 3 times, ~95%
3) PdP Shave Soap - used for 2 test lathers, given how hard it is and how much there is, ~99%
4) Haslinger Sandelholz (Sandalwood) - unobtanium tallow formula - new/unused
5) Musgo Real - LOVE the scent, burns my face a bit - used 6 times, ~85%

All yours for $230 shipped in CONUS or Canada.

- I would consider breaking the lot up if it made sense for shipping (i.e. a couple of folks want lots that differ) or if shipping was extra
- If it made a deal work, I could sub in Proraso Red soap for the Haslinger Sandelholz - or an unused tub of MdC Agrumes (at my full cost) for the B&M Limon
- Shipping to other countries available at cost and risk of purchaser

Much of this was purchased at WCS, so you can compare prices. This is my first BST post, so if my prices are off, please let me know via PM.

Thanks for getting this far!

Karve1.jpg Karve2.jpg SS1.jpg SS2.jpg
Forgot to mention - would consider trades for high end 2-band brushes with short, squat handles (Duke, Chubby-esque).
Pending payment, items were broken into a couple of groups and sold.

If anyone is interested, I could do the following from the remaining items:

40's style SS
Simpsons Special in best
Proraso Red tub (unused)

$45 shipped CONUS/Canada. That would be a pretty great starter kit.
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