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WTS: JNAT Pocket Rocket + Nagura Set w/ Koma

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OK, so I'm addicted to my newest JNAT. (Thanks, Aaron!) And to make room for buying many new tomo to play with, I'm offering my smaller Pocket Rocket for sale as well as a full set of nagura, including a lovely little Koma.


1. The JNAT Nakayama Pocket Rocket with the orange racing stripe down its side was purchased from Keith Johnson, and here's what he had to say about it...

"It's a pocket rocket because it's small and quite potent. Don't let the demure dimensions fool ya' - this is quite the hone. Hard, very hard actually. Uber fine with great speed too.

I've honed a good number of blades on this one, all of the edges came up fast and easy - all of them were absolutely stellar too.
I took it upstate on a trip too. Traveling with it is a breeze, it disappeared into a nook in my carry-on bag quite easily.
Travel hone? Back up stone? Jnat Barber's hone? All that and more.
The price is good and the performance is top-notch...
Don't miss this one, Pocket Rockets usually fly outta here pretty quickly.

Approximate Specifications: 4.6 x 2.2 x 0.5" / 273 g
The Tomo is matched to this stone and it is included."

It really is a lovely stone. There's a small area of white seams showing in one corner, but they're cosmetic only. They don't affect honing at all. You could easily lap beyond it to create a perfect-looking surface, but why bother? It's a wonderful hone as is. In fact, I just did a complete nagura progression on this stone, starting from a Chosera 1K bevel, using the four nagura in this ad, and the edge on that Red Imp #133 is amazing! (And it honestly didn't take too long. About the same amount of time as with my full size JNAT. Of course, I'm fairly quick with the strokes, so YMMV.)

Price is $100.

2. The complete JNAT Mikawa Shiro Nagura Set (x4) originally came with a full size JNAT from Keith Johnson. He spoke mostly about the full size JNAT Nakayama, but he did mention that these nagura were "all are top-notch examples."

The set includes Botan, Tenjyou, Mejiro and Koma. Each stone is 50-80g. (The Tenjyou is especially pretty!)

Price is $150.

Prices include shipping in the USA. Please feel free to ask questions. Happiness guaranteed.


Also offering this lovely little barber size vintage unlabeled Escher-type Thuringian with Y/G rubber stone in original (wildly tattered) bright green paper box. (Red Imp straight razor not included.)

Price is $175.

Really good prices, I am locked down on getting another stone since my recent aquisition of a Shinden Asagi from Alex, GLWTS.
Oops! Forgot to add the dimensions of the unlabeled Thuringian barber's hone @ 5 x 2.5 inches. (The perfect size, in my opinion.)

The JNAT Pocket Rocket and nagura stone set are SOLD.

The Thuringian barber's hone + Y/G rubber stone is still AVAILABLE.

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