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    I noticed WSP sells an olympus EDP which is supposed to be their version of creed aventus. has anyone used this or any other of WSP edp's? do they last long to you? give me your thoughts on them.I am referring to the regular edp liquid colognes they sell, not the solid colognes.
  1. Good question. Following.
  2. Excellent. And for a 1/4 of the $$$. Win, win..... It starts with a nice fruity pineapple vibe, almost like the newer batches a la 18k11, 18D01 and a few more of the 2018 batches. Has a nice birch like mid with an amber, musk and vanilla like dry down. A bit sweeter on the opening versus the original but, very good nonetheless with better than average longevity. I get 6-8 hours of scent goodness on my skin. Pretty darn good dupe if you ask me.

    I always say the same thing. If you want to smell like Aventus, buy Aventus. Plain and simple because nothing else smells quite like it. That being said, Lee’s Olympus homage to Creed Aventus is pretty damn nice..... Best one of all the artisan makers out there imo.

  3. is the olympus wsp edp the only cologne you have of wsp? Oh, I see that wsp now has olympus in their shaving cream. How is the scent in the olympus shave cream compared with wsp's formula t olympus? is one stronger than the other?
  4. About the same.
  5. strength wise, how would you rate the olympus wsp cream? 1 to 10 with 10 being the strongest?

    Also, have you received many compliments when you wear your wsp edp cologne? do people mistake it for the real creed aventis?
  6. Strength out of the tub for me is better than average. Scent strength is very subjective. What might be high for me may be low for you. There’s no clear answer so, I really can’t help you on that. For me, it’s like a 7 to 7.5.

    I’ve worn it 3 times and my Misses thought it was a new batch of Creed Aventus. She knows the scent well as I have 3 retail bottles and about 4 decanted/splits of the juice. Went to the movies yesterday and put on 3 sprays of it. That was about 12:30pm. Done with the movies did some quick shopping and had dinner about 8pm at a local restaurant. As we went to leave about 10pm, a mother and daughter were walking in and passed right by my Lady and I. The older woman (the mother, as we chatted briefly) stopped me dead and said “My goodness, that smells soooo good. May I ask what you’re wearing?” I ran a quick description of what it was and gave her the info. That was almost 10 hours after I had applied the stuff from mid afternoon. And she was a full arms length away and caught the scent trail as we passed her. That’s performance. Now, that’s how it works on my skin and the longevity that I’ve gotten out of it so far. Everyone is different and it might last less on some, more on others. Honestly, I couldn’t pick up the scent on myself anymore after just a couple of hours but, my Misses still did and obviously the 2 women at the restaurant did also.

    Not bad for under $60....
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    Great description Gus and boy are we on the same page as far as Creed Aventus and WSP version. Hey how about a call buddy! We need to catch up! :a14:
  8. That description of WSP Olympus has made me put this in my cart at WSP. What I'm looking for in a clone is not an exact duplicate. It would be nice if it was but I'd like it to hit the same scent notes. Ballpark is nice. Above all, it has to smell good and last. If it smells good on its own who cares if it isn't an exact copy? But if it is really close then that is just about perfect.
  9. I have been wanting to try their Olympus offering also. I have never owned or smelled the real stuff, but have been happy with my Stirling Executive Man EDP. I do own several other WSP EDP's (Tobacco, Tobacco Vanilla, Ol' Kentucky) and have been very pleased with them.

    Honestly, their Tobacco Vanilla offering may be my favorite scent of anything of all time, I love it that much, and have received numerous compliments on the scent. I have both the EDP and solid cologne versions and they are both spot on with one another.

    This thread has made me want to hop on to their sit and order the Olympus and give it a try.
  10. Agreed. The WSP Olympus is not exact but, then again even Creed Aventus will have different scent notes and bases from batch to batch. Again, WSP Olympus is an excellent stand alone that resembles the more recent batches of the famed elixir which is trending towards more pineapple & fruity notes....

    You will not be disappointed in the acquisition of Olympus. It is signature scent worthy that can be worn all year round just like the original Aventus. It is extremely versatile whether dressed up or down. And for the $$$ it's automatic....
  11. First, I want to qualify my post by saying that I have never purchased a Creed scent, Aventus or otherwise. When someone says they have a scent that is modeled after Aventus, the question that I have to ask is "Which batch of Aventus?" From what I have read on numerous internet posts and seen in numerous YouTube videos, Creed quality control is not very good. It seems like every batch of Aventus has a different scent, a different color, etc. Fans of Aventus will sometimes pay premium prices to obtain specific batches of Aventus. How does a perfume house that charges $100 per ounce for their product get away with such product variability?

    I understand that such perfumes are produced from natural essential oils that vary more than synthetic fragrances, but a master perfumer is supposed to adjust the blend to maintain the overall scent just as a master blender of cognac or blended Scotch selects various casks to maintain the overall scent and taste profile of their product consistent from batch to batch. It seems like Creed is operating in the same manner as distilleries who sell single barrel Bourbon with no two barrels being the same.

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