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WOW - Trumper

OK. I am new to this board but have been wetshaving for a while now. Mainly using the unscented AOS products. I really liked the products, but due to my membership on this board I have spend a FORTUNE in the past month of so. I have picked up 3 of the C&E flavors (Not Sandalwood) and love them. The shave is so totally awesome. This morning I received and had opportunity to use my samples that were shipped from Trumper in England. I tried the Sandalwood.

OMG :w00t: :lol: :lol:

At first the smell was kinda weird, but I grew to like it quickly. Kinda smoky but deep. Anyway, the shave - FIRST RATE. I did use a new blade, perhaps that helped (Merkur blade in a Merkur HD). Close, no burn, no tingle, no blood, passes all ways except S-N. Way close, great cushion (I now can say I know what cushion is). Yesterday I used the AOS Sandalwood cream (great scent in its own right). Blade was onto is 5th shave for the AOS shave and I did not use the oil (C&E without oil was frikin GREAT) so I wanted to compare AOS without oil. I did do some aggressive S-N passes, so not quite an apples to apples comparison with the Trumper Sandalwood but .........

Trumper won hands down!!!!! I have to admit, I was, and still am, a supporter of the AOS line. I love the smell. I need to do some more work on the cream, with a new blade and equivalent shave method, to see if the shaves are equal. But wow, the Trumpers was great.

I must be honest, when I first came on the board I thought you guys had this cult like following of the high end stuff. I loved AOS but I was led by my credit card to the trough were I dove in and broke the bank and I must admit, both Bank of America and I are happier for it!

BTW, the Trumper Sandalwood cologne, very long lasting, and very original. Hard to describe but my wife likes it alot, if you understand :blushing:


I'm a big fan of Trumper's Sandalwood, both the cream and the cologne. I was, like you, a bit dubious of the scent at first but soon got used to it and it found it's way to being one of my favorites. It's a shame they don't do Sandalwood Skin Food, I'd buy it like a shot!
I have used the Sienna C&E thus far and really like it. Great and lubricious! With only shaving once a day, I am unable to try them as quick as I like! :mad3: (how many people would think me crazy for wanting to shave more!!!!!!:eek: )

As to the idea of a Trumpers Sandalwood skin food, I have heard that the skin food is on the lesser end of the moisturizing scale, any truth to that? Even if I needed more moisturizing (as I tend too) I would love to try that scent if it existed. I love the idea of scent layering.

equally as important to the great creams you are using is the nice HD Merkur and Merkur blade combo.

I have been DE shaving for a few years now and I love the Merkus HD more than any other razor.

Dont count the AOS shaving products out....they are still great.
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