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Great razors and other items for sale. Payment by PayPal G&S. For all items, add $8 conus shipping. If you want me to ship internationally, please reach out via PM to sort out your costs to ship. I can negotiate a bundle discount for those wanting multiple items. So please message me if interested. Detailed Photos below. Thanks!

1. Wolfman WR2 1.25 Basic Polish with WRH7 Handle. $395
- Great razor! But I have a 1.15 and 1.55 as well, so this one is a bit redundant. It was a hard decision to sell this. But it is time to move it on to the next guy. Comes with original box, with the polishing cloth, and the black cocktail napkins that Wolfman uses to wrap their razors. Excellent condition. No issues.

2. Full Gillette Toggle set. F-4 1960. $425
- This razor is in amazing shape for a 62 year old. The gold finish is in good condition with just a little discoloration on the doors. Comes with the jewel case, travel sleave, instruction pamphlet, and blade dispenser with at least one blade. This is a rare find.

3. Haircut &Shave – H&S N075 Franken-razor. $150
- This razor is a combination of the “Mixed Metal” head, with a fully polished fancy handle. This is an awesomely smooth and medium-efficient razor. It is a joy to use. Super high quality. The N075 razor with this handle regularly sells for $270. The Mixed Metal N075 sells for $190 with a plain knurled handle. You can have this one for $150. Comes with case, nylon washer, and polishing cloth. Great condition.

4. Mergress XL. $90
- Take the venerable Merkur Progress, add an extra long counter-balanced CNC machined adjuster knob, tune up the whole razor, and come out with a winner! This is one fine shaving razor. Looks great. It’s an early model, pre-Bullgoose, that comes in its original Merkur box with a “Mergress” sticker. No issues with this one. Superb balance and smooth shaving. Sells for $132 on Bullgoose currently.

5. NOS Unused British Gillette Tech. $40
- This is a Made in England Spiral Tech in its original “Adams Safety Razor” box. Come with one sealed NOS Gillette Platinum blade. My understanding is that these were contracted by the US military or something like that. I have another one that I use, and these shave great! They currently sell on the bay for $50 and up.

6. Timeless Aluminum Set. $35
- I bought this razor directly from Timeless on the day of their release for $75. The Scratch and Dent version sells for $50. Buy this one for $35 plus my shipping costs listed above. What a deal! No issues. Come with the stand and original presentation box.

7. Edwin Jagger DE89 $25
- This is a great razor. The handle is NOS. Never been used. I used the head on a stainless steel handle. No issues. Great finish on this one. This is the shiny chrome handle. Looks great. These sell on Amazon for $45. No original box.

8. Parker Adjustable Injector. $20
- Only a few shaves on this one. It just isn’t for me. Shaves like most other late-model injectors. Comes with one pack of new Ted Pella blades, and original boxes.

9. Personna “Star Trek” Injector $25
- This is an old one. They call it a Star Trek razor due to the shape. This one is in great condition.

10. AP Shave 26 mm G5A with Candy Stripe Handle. $35
- This handle was a blem. I think it looks cool. I am showing photos of all sides. The 26mm G5A knot is first quality. Set by AP Shave. Nice brush. Just not for me. Passing it along to someone else. Comes with original box. I paid $56 for this brush directly from AP Shave.


1. Wolfman WR2 1.25 Basic Polish with WRH7 Handle.

2022-03-13 15.17.45.jpg

2022-03-13 15.16.54.jpg

2022-03-13 15.16.21.jpg

2022-03-13 15.15.58.jpg
Great prices from a trusted b&b'er, although I think the gem for me is the 3d printed baby yoda <3 love that
Personna “Star Trek” Injector --- SOLD

Pricing updates!
All razors come with CONUS shipping included!

1. Wolfman WR2 1.25 Basic Polish with WRH7 Handle. $375 (final reduction)

3. Haircut &Shave – H&S N075 Franken-razor. $140

4. Mergress XL. $80

5. NOS Unused British Gillette Tech. $35

8. Parker Adjustable Injector. $18
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