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Witch hazel

I've never used it, never felt I need ANOTHER product in my shaving routine. I use pre-shave, soap, alum if needed, aftershave and/or a balm. I'm cool with that. No need to add witch hazel.
I have read that the tannines dry out the skin, which in turn causes rash or acne. Not something I'm willing to pay for.

If you are using alum, you might not need witch hazel. However, I do not know where you are getting your information that witch hazel dries out the skin more than alum.

Witch hazel does contain tannins, but for those with acne, that can be a good thing as it acts as a anti-inflamitory and astringent that is useful in minimizing acne breakouts. Thayer's makes an blemish clearing acne cleansing pad that combines salicyclic acid, aloe vera, and witch hazel. You might want to do further research.
I use Thayer unscented whitchhazel after shaving. Pour a little on my fingers- wet but not runny, and apply it. Six places. Upper lip, each cheek, under jaw divided by thirds. Seems like more runs down my hand.
It dries quickly. Leaves my face “calm”with no irritation or reddening.
Changed my shaving. Plus plus.

This is basically my experience with using the Thayer's unscented facial toner w/aloe vera. After my shave (with cold water) I rinse my face with cold water, splash on a little Thayer's and aftershave.
I only shave every other day, so only use it a few times a week, shave, alum, whitch hazel then a balm. I don't include it if using a aftershave. I use the well known ones or shops own label and never notice any difference, and i do feel it adds to the after care of your skin after a shave.
It's soothing to the skin. If you have redness or irritation, this takes care of it. I also use it as a kind of final rinsing step. I blot off any excess with a small paper towel. Then, apply some type of aftershave, either a splash or a balm.

If you don't care for the smell, you can add a small amount of essential oil. I use lemon, orange, lemongrass, lavender, a bit of rose water, whatever appeals. I mix up a small amount fresh when I run low.

My mixture is -

1 bottle of Witch Hazel (240ml)
Add 5 or 6 drops of Tea Tree Oil
Add 10 drops of Lavender Oil
Add 10 drops of Peppermint Oil

Give it a good shake each use.

I got this mixture on this forum.

My face likes WH!


I Waxed The Badger.
I use it sometimes. Usually summer. Typically A/S with glycerin and other skin friendly additives leave me tending to be oily.

I strongly dislike the stuff with zero alcohol and added aloe. Aloe leave my skin sticky.
I occasionally use Thayers Lavender scent to calm my skin after a shave. More often, I use something like Lucky Tiger Face Tonic because it adds other soothing ingredients with the witch hazel.
I’ve been using Dickenson’s for years. A 16 oz bottle lasts more than a year. Because of an Amazon promotion, I bought 2 and got one free. About $9 for more than three years so I can’t say whether the generic is its equal because the cost was so low.
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