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Whiskers getting stuck on blade

Hi all -
One of the things that I notice when I'm using some creams (esp. JM Frasers) is that clumps of cut whiskers get stuck on the blade after passes. They are a pain to rinse off and sometimes require me opening up the slant and wiping the blade down.
I'd prefer not to have this happen. Anyone have any thoughts on how to keep this from happening?
Do you keep water in the sink? I usually have mine a few inches deep in hot water, with my bowl o' lather in it to keep the frothy goodness nice and warm. I just dunk and swish the razor around between passes to rinse the blade.
I keep a small jar of alcohol in my bathroom for rinsing my razors after use. I simply open the jar, stick in the razor and give it a good swishin'. This helps evacuate water and does a great job of breaking down those creams that hold the whiskers on. As far as between passes, frequent dipping with side to side swish in sink of hot water usually does the trick for me.
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Maybe shorter intervals betweeen rinses then? Like, shave a smaller patch, turn the razor around, shave another small patch, and rinse? I'll clog a bit if I go for the whole cheek at once, so I usually do half that.
If you cannot swish off the razor in water, your lather may be too dry.

Yeah, the only shaving lathers with which I get the sticky-lather problem are Noxzema, Cremo, or shaving oil (any type). I think a slick lather should rinse off easily, especially if you dunk it in warm water.
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