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Where to buy Wilkinson DE blades

Anyone know where to purchase Wilkinson DE blades? I would prefer a US retailer, but that's not a hard rule.

I'd search the forum, but search is down.
I know that this doesn't help you any, but I saw some Wilkinson DE blades in a local (Ottawa, Canada) store a few days ago and I didn't think much of them at the time. Are these good? How do they compare with the Merkur blades? How about other blades?

If these are considered good (or at least decent) and if I can remember where they were (which doesn't seem likely) then I might pick some up... or at least keep my eyes opened for them.
I tried Australian Wilkinson Sword DE blades about a week ago. I've use Derby Extras normally but tried ones of these as they were available in the local supermarket. Well, the N-S and oblique passes seem fine with these blades but S-N, ouch, they pulled and I had to be very careful that the razor did hop. It was pretty painful. Under my nose I ended up with about 4-5 little weepers where I'd normaly only get one every few days. I am not sure if the ones you try would be the same but the ones here seem terrible. I haven't used a worse blade and that includes some no-name freebies that came with a very cheap chinese razor.
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