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Where do you apply your cologne?

depends on how strong it is. I usually do:
2-3 light shots on the chest and stomach
then 1-2 on the wrists or inside elbow which i may then dab my wrist behind the ears on on the neck and
I add 1 on behind the neck as well
on a Kleenex and then rub the kleenex on my neck and behind my ears. I like my perfumes really light.
One shot to the bare chest, one shot to each bare upper forearm. I never do any "rubbing in." But I think the proper way is to spray on the "pulse points."
about "rubbing". some claim it damages or bruises the chemicals. I don't buy that. Some claim that it spreads hte frag out even more so the topnotes evaporate quicker, I may buy that, but they're gone so fast anyway. I prefer a light rub just to make sure it's absorbed and doesn't go onto my shirt a minute later.

about pulse points - the theory is those spots are warmer because of the bloodflow. This I do agree with a bit. I put on my neck and chest because the smell wafts up to my nose as I move around. I can say that when I got a little hot under the collar, the smell DOES project more. I put on my wrists because they're exposed to the air and as you move your hands around the scent projects out.
Usually just one good shot to the chest works for me. If its a lighter Frag then I will also use one on the back of my neck. As always YMMV but I find that even scents that others find fleeting (limes and other top notes) last all day on me.
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